Llama MaxII

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Llama Max II .45.JPG (52057 bytes)

  Llama Max II


Caliber   .45 ACP   Magazine Capacity   13 (double-stacked)
Overall Length   7 7/8 inches   Weight   39 oz
Sights   Fixed   Stocks   Rubber

A fine weapon.  Based on the tried and true Colt 1911-style weapon first developed in World War I.  You gotta love a weapon developed to take down a charging horse with one shot.
I bought this weapon in Alabama before they banned "high-capacity" weapons.   For the .45 caliber, this meant anything with more than a 6 round magazine.   It shoots fairly well.  The recoil is managable, and I get about 4" groups at 25 yards.  However, it has a considerable jamming problem.  When I first got it, it would jam every 2 to 3 rounds.  Not great considering I wanted to use this for home defense.  That's why I bought the Llama Mini Max.  Anywho, I mentioned the jamming problem to a friend of my brothers, and he suggested filing down the feed ramp.  This helped the problem considerably, but did not completely solve it.   It now jams about once every clip.