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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sigh.. My Baby has left for his trip this morning. The last phone call from Dear this morning was so sad.. Last night, we celebrated Nic and boYuan's Birthday at Marina Square. After the celebration, I went over to Dear's home to spend the last few hours we had left.
The new year's coming. Pretty scary to see how time flies. New year, New resolution. Chris and I made a resolution together, which is to quit smoking. i'm not sure if we can do that. I'll be a good year for me ahead. a great beginning. I'm glad that i've got the most caring guy on earth w me! i love you baby! muack!
Did i mention tht i just woke up not long ago, and i'm going back to slp now? haha.. im reallie tired.. got a massage at 12 tomorrow. love those squeezin! haha. night babes and hunks.

Love me ... * 11:57 PM

Monday, December 26, 2005

Xmas was really boring. well, to me it was. Went to meet Jian Sheng, Kelvin and Jian Ping at East COast for a drink on eve. Then went over to find Dear and stayed over at his place. This afternoon went down to Suntec from Dear's place to meet my family for lunch. Bought a wallet for myself. hehe. Once i reached home, I slept till 10pm. Just got back from supper with Elaine and Shiwei. gonna sleep now...

Love me ... * 3:56 AM

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Wow! it's been months since i last blogged. Many things have happened i can say.. got lotsa fun times in Perth and back in Singapore! In Perth, Friends and i had steamboat. Went clubbing w Wei Qin and the rest. Had an enjoyable holiday in Aussie for a weeks or so after exams. Back in Singapore, Went mambo! Met up w my Babes! had birthday parties going on. (Iz and Dear's) Ate alot of nice and cheap food too! Caught alot of Movies etc.
Today is dear's Birthday! I organised a surprise party for him on thursday. He got drunk too! =( Went to watch narnia with Dear today. Not a bad show. Quite funny. Before that we headed down to esplanade for lunch. Was in a jam in town, made us missed 15 mins of the movie. =( Then drove to Taka for shopping! I bought dear a wallet! hehe! and he bought me a big cookie Monster toy! Its a substitute for him when he's not around the next 2 weeks. hehe. He's so cute.
dear drove me from east to west and back. I just love havin a car! Everything's just so convenient! But it made dear and I so damn lazy that we find it very far to walk from Cineleisure to Lucky Plaza that made him drive down from Somerset to Orchard!!
Anyway, just to share some pics.. will update when im freeee

Love me ... * 2:45 AM

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