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  • Kelvin Tsang

    Information from Anzenchitai Mailing List

    Guitar Scores Collection

    This is the list of guitar scores or tabs that are available by the mailing list.
    Please use monospaced fonts to view the scores.

    Anzen Chitai collection

  • Anata ni...
  • Aoi Hitomi no Elis
  • Aozora
  • Atelier
  • Endless
  • Fuyu City-1
  • Hitomi o tojite
  • Hitori Bocchi no Yell
  • Hoshisora ni Ochita Namida
  • John ga Kureta GUITAR
  • Oki Tegami
  • Tokei
  • Yume no Tsuzuki
  • Yuugure

    Tamaki Koji collection

  • Akogare - Roman
  • Hoshi Ni Naritai
  • Ikanaide
  • Melody
  • STAR
  • Will...

    Lyrics Translation

    This is the list of translated lyrics that are available by the mailing list.

  • Anata ni... (Big-5 Chinese)
  • Ano Koro e (Big-5 Chinese)
  • Koi no Yokan (Big-5 Chinese)
  • Sukisa
  • Asano Hizashini Kimigaite
  • MR. LONELY (Big-5 Chinese)
  • Aibo (Big-5 Chinese)
  • Sabishiibou (Big-5 Chinese)
  • Yume no Youdane (Big-5 Chinese)
  • Niji Iro Datta (Big-5 Chinese)
  • Nisemono (Big-5 Chinese)
  • Ikanaide (Big-5 Chinese)
  • Deai (Big-5 Chinese)

    Poll Result, Quesionnaire, History & Misc. Info.

  • We had a poll to elect our best 3 Anzen Chitai songs from the mailing list in 1995. Here is the result with the most favourite song from the mailing list members! list.

  • This is a questionnaire conducted in the mailing list in 1997 regarding Anzen Chitai & Koji Tamaki information. There are some facts and answers that you might not even heard of before..!!

  • History of Anzen Chitai

  • Interview with Koji Tamaki

  • Miscellaneous news/information/discussions1

  • Miscellaneous news/information/discussions2

  • Miscellaneous news/information/discussions3

  • Miscellaneous news/information/discussions4

  • Miscellaneous news/information/discussions5

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