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Welcome to the Web Page I call my own. My Name is Edward Kleiner and I now live in White Plains NY in Westchester County. Before living in White Plains,  I have lived in New Haven CT for 25 years in my early adult years. During my teen & preteen years I lived in New City New York, suburb of New York City. During my childhood I lived in Tappan NY which is a suburb of New York City bordering Northern NJ. New City & Tappan where I spent alot of my childhood & teenage years are in Rockland County a suburb north of New Jersey 10 miles from New York City. That area where I lived is part of the Hudson Valley Region of New York State. My big interests are movies I own & rent from my VCR, plus some Television Sitcoms that I tape on my VCR. Sometimes if there is a New Release Movie I like a lot, I go to the theaters when it's an interesting new movie playing that I am anxiously waiting to see. Also I look in the catalog I get monthly from the Video Stores that I rent from & if there is a new release I wish to see I rent it first chance I get. Another hobby I have most of the time is with the Computer. The Computer has been my big hobby for a decade & it still is. Lots of people who use a CB radio have a handle however my computer handle is Jughead. Jughead has been my handle with the computer & networks on the modem ever since I first owned a computer. I chose Jughead as my handle with the computer when I started using the modem in 1985 because I read Archie Comics when I grew up & I sort of identified with Jughead whom was Archies Best Friend with some of the independent things he does. When I use my own or other computers most files with filenames I have to name have the word jug in it like for examples I have files named Cityjug or jugtop. Last decade I had this close friend named Stephen Hertz & he & I both shared computer games alot. Both of us played lots of different computer games on his old IBM & we did alot of the Sierra Games as well. Both of us spent time together figuring out many types of puzzles in those Sierra Games. In due time I was able to solve many of those games alot. Both of us before did a game called The Ancient Art of War. Its about 2 parties fighting from a story that was written about rights to the lands bridges & other things. I wrote up one story where Crazy Ivan tried to take over Jughead Park from its rightful owners. Both Stephen & I figured out all the clues in it.

You are all wondering what Jughead of The Jughead Zone Web Page He Calls His Own looks like, in the image just below, is my photo, one of the best photos of me on top of the flat stone wall walk. That photo makes me feel like things are on Top of The World for Jughead. There are other pictures of me on this website too. On the Jughead Zone Compuserve and Computer Page is a photo of me working at a Computer from a Computer Rental Place which is at the Boston Globe Shop on Washington Street in Boston Massachusetts. Jughead is in that photo working on that computer surfing the Internet. To get to that page with the photo of Jughead at the computer, click on the Jughead Zone Compuserve and Computer Page link below. On The Book Signing to Jughead Page is a photo of Jughead with Diane Smith. To get to that picture click on the Book Signing Link from the Jughead Zone Main Menu Below: On the Soda Machine Page there are two photos of me next to soda machines. To get to that page click on the Jughead Zone Soda Machine Page Link from the Jughead Zone Main Menu Below: There are many photos of me on the 4 subpages of my Carnival Cruise Page to get to that page Click on the Jughead Carnival Cruise Link from the menu below then click on any of the 4 designed images on that Carnival Cruise Pages On those four pages are many photos of me on my Carnival Cruise. To get to that page, click on the Jughead Carnival Cruise Item from the Jughead Zone Main Menu Below:

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