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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's day to all fathers out there. heh. Oh well.. My body clock is Screwed again! I only Sleep when the sun is out and wake when the sun is down! damn, I'm really missing out alot in the day! but at least i get to watch the World Cup! Baby and I had this photo-mania thingie at about 4am just now. hah. he's just tryin out to see what hairstlye suits him. he's mad right? here they are.......

The act cook look!

The i can see you, you can't see me look

The Messy, reallie messy look.

Half head back look... looks cute, like jap hah. (yeah right.)

NIce fringe sweep.

GUess what Baby's looking at

Poor Beemer

Just playin ard


I'm missing my Grey's anatomy! i cant believe they stopped at the most exciting part! argh.. i just think they're soo soo compatible! damn it! HEre what the main actors look like!

And i'm being forced to watch Arrested Development. stupid show, really lame, but at least it's funny. Cant wait to catch The L-word! and my Las vegas! still downloading. dman it! i just love these good shows.. heh..!
Baby was sad just now. I'm so worried for him. sigh..

Love me ... * 6:03 AM

Friday, June 16, 2006

Ths is some good shit peeps! damn funny! enjoy! laterz!

Love me ... * 10:38 PM

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My exam is in 3 hours time. And i havent slept. damn. I've been thinking alot.. thinking about my life few years ago.. LIke all the fantastic friends i made at Sp, my College friends in perth and now my Uni friends. Not forgetting my Pri and Sec school mates. Was just looking through Friendster (dont ask me why friendster, i think almost everyone has an account there, heh.), So many people has changed! Their Appearance, Their Partner and through photos i can see the many events that has gone through their lives. Guys have finished their Army, Some found great jobs, some in local and distant Universities, one married, most in the midst of their sweet relationships, etc etc. I even looked back at the times when i was DAMN havoc. i mean VERY , EXTREMELY.. havoc. I made friends.. and i hurt someone! (i know that's super mean of me... i regret la) But i see him as happy as a clam now, with a new partner he has in his life. i'm happy for him! (and no, i am not gonna name names.... =) )
Oh well... just wanna bitch about something now. I remembered when i was in Aust in yr 2004, my first yr here... This girl bitched about me. about how i put on so much weight and still think i'm hot etc... blah blah.. cant remember the details.. I'm just waiting for her to put on weight! ha! ok im back to my mean self. But yeah, bitch. think her face has already grown rounder! cant see her bod, cos she doesnt upload pics showin her bod! and probably cos she's like wearing jackets.. cant see shit. damn! ok enough.
Anyway yeah, just missed the times i hate in Singapore.. all of us just hang out tgether. Go Clubbin, Shoppin, Bitching etc etc with all my friends.. damn! But its not like im not having a good life right now.. just feel that everyone's life is going for the better, but mine's stagnant and it's like going no where.. sigh....

Love me ... * 6:07 AM

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

MAN, i cant Sleep. I think i have African Sleeping sickness. I checked for possible signs/symptoms.
Severe Headaches
Aching Muscles
Aching Joints
Extreme Tiredness
I Slept for more than 24 hours! Just came back from a walk.. but now i feel like sleeping and my head feels reallie heavy. My neck and back aches like hell.. Tiredness may be caused by withdrawal of alcohol and drugs.. maybe havent been drinkin enough. heh. but yes seriously.. i was so irritible when Baby came back in the evening. (he didnt come home the whole night cos he was studyin) but he was nice, he gave in. (AGAIN) The past few days whenever beemer pees and ppos everywhere, i get super worked up and loss of interest! WHats going on with me. ok enough of me rantin.
World cup is now on! I'm gonna catch some more.. BRAZIL!!!! hope they win again! hah.

Love me ... * 3:31 AM

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I just had my paper this morning! it was pretty ok! =) so glad! you can see it from my face! heh

ANyway, after my exam, i went to Broadway to buy groceries. Baby wants to eat Mee siam so i searched on the net last night for the ingredients! and i cooked it already..!

I Dont wanna wake him up cos he is sleeping damn soundly! and BEEbMER just wouldn't stay still on the bed! and he till has the cheek to bte my Dragon!

LAst night while i was Studyin, BEEbMER kept staring at me! reminded me of Eddie on Frasier! heh.

I'm gonna sleep the whole afternoon today! and wake up at night to study my next paper... i'm so tired and hungry right now! but i cant start eating without baby! Oh, Opportunity by Pete murray is quite nice. AND i still love James Blunt's HIgh and Tears and rain. superb sonGs! and i'm so addicted to TRANCE! -- Thanks to Xi! ok, i cant take it anymore.. gotta eat! gonna wake the pig up now. Love all.. =)

Love me ... * 12:47 PM

Monday, June 05, 2006

HAd a bad day today!! freaking bad day. WHY? Firstly, i have my Mensus. Then i had bad cramps as usual. Then i argued with Baby for the slightest reason. (i was just being needy). Then Beemer had to try to run away from home. The moment i saw him ran away from my sight, i really wanted to just close the door and left him out there. But after a while, i heard his bells. so i went downstairs. he ran across the road.... cars had to stop for me. So embarrassing right? after i got him, i just lock him up. i hate him! then i cried. AFter a while, xi called me and told me she left something outside my door. (she thought i wasnt home). I opened the door and i saw a packet of this. (ok, it look kinda gross in the picture..) its Koro pok. i duno how to spell it lah. heh.

She made my day, really! i love you babe. i started eating a few pieces of it. heh. I was home all day ok! i was so so bored. I Studied quite alot! =) printed some stuffs.. and here's what beemer was doing. damn cute la.

STarted browsing through my computer. found these 2 pics. damn cute too! Especially my Baby. =)

baby got the free beanie from the men's health magazine. heh. he's super happy to have gotten it lah. as i was bored.. i took some photos..

Decided to take pics of my proud homie too... small and nice...

Messy notes on the floor

notes on table

lousy dressing table

My Kitchen, not that clean now

Baby's corner

TV corner

Our shoes...

LIttle sun room cum storeroom

Last of all.. the bed.. Beemer loves it here..

Anyway, im in Uni now.. Baby's in te lab doing work.. And i'm babysitting beemer in the cold.. Sigh.. HE's super noisy. I'm tired too.. i wanna sleep.... Tomorrow gotta meet xi for one last time b4 she leaves..... heh... shit. i am still scared of exams..

Love me ... * 2:26 AM

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Shit. My exam is in 4 days! damn it! i still thought i had like 1 more week!! damn damn!!! anyway, past week was ok.. lotsa sad shit going on in everyone's life but not mine. Mine was 2 weeks ago. But i guess its all over. heh. Xi drop by this evening to talk cock and smoke. and pass me my cheap heater! (apparentally, Baby's quite excited about.) i wonder why.. yeah anyway.. had a girl's night out last sat. pics pics!

The next one is a very Artistic pic taken by Xi.

The vainpot. NOT ME!! its Xi!

Next is my cooking!! GRilled LemonGRASS chicken hahahaha.

PIc of Beemer, BAby and I

EVerytime i wanna call Beemer i will call BAby and vice versa. heh. Both are the most impt people in my life i guess.... =)
SHit shit. Im still worried la!! exam is in 4 days~~! oh my, that means Xi's leaving in 4 days time too! shit. i'll miss you babe... sigh. no more coffees sessions la. and no one to share a beer with me anymore.... sobsob.
ANyway, i'm so so addicted to Greys anatomy and House Md. the songs on these 2 shows are pretty nice too~! Currently addicted to James Blunt - Tears and rain! super nice song!!!!! Gonna ask Baby to play this song on the guitar and sing it to me! heh.
Sad to say, i might not go back Singapore for my one month holiday! hehe. I wanna enjoy winter here!! and i cant cos Beemer is here. Besides, Baby would be here. And Qing and erm.. a couple more friends... hope Xi comes back early! I'm so gonna enjoy ransacking your clothes Xi. hehe. SHe's lending me all her winter clothings.. haha! so nice of her..... ANyway... babes out there or who ever's reading this.. Cheer up! I'll be there for you no matter what! you all know that! =) *Find comfort in pain*

Love me ... * 3:05 AM

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