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Adon is like another Bison except that he's a bit crappy. He likes to act like he's the first Bison. But remeber this Bison came in as a cool character RIGHT away! Adon was not that really as a good character as he came in Street Fighter Alpha. Street Fighter Alright, 2 is ok, 3 is the best. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is last Street Fighter he's came out yet, but I wonder if he's going to come out in another one.
More Information: Ahhh! Did I forget that he was a student Sagat! YES! Sagat! This guy was a former of Sagat the Fagat. HEhehehehe! That's one thing that makes him gay! He hasn't came out in any movies that I saw so far and I've seen at least 3 out of 5 so I got to see those last two!
He's a little cocky. Did I say A LITTLE! I meant VERY cocky! He like to take things very carefree. ^^ I forgot that he's not originally from Street Figter Alpha. He's from the ORIGINAL Street Fighter!
You can tell that he's a student of Sgat very easily!  His style in
fighting. And the way he dresses and the way he attacks you!
Overall: He's alright, but C'mon we need only one Sagat! >< 

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