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Zangeif can be no doubt the STRONGEST Street Fighter's. He is. Ya he is. I can't face him being the strongest. He was the strongest since: Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition, Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighter, Street Fighter II: Turbo;
and that's it! Whoa! That's alot of games. To be strong and all! But that's only until Super Street Fighter II; where T-Hawk came in as one of the New Challengers. And that gave Zangeif alot-o-compotition^^. Any wayz um.....ok so he's a proffesinal wrestler. Um ya he entered the tournament to defend his country ( U.S.S.R. )
against Bison. Bison plans to take over the world, so you know why he entered. His nanger, Fiasko, keeps out of trouble, when Zangeif is making stinky decisions. In the American Movie he is a bad guy, but in the end he realizes that Bison, the guy he was working for, is a bad guy after he fights E. Honda. And that's about it for this guy.
Overall: Zangeif's moves in the game are very much too complicated to do. I can do them but it'll take me a while to master them. just a tip to you. Shhhhhhhhhhhh! ^^.
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