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I hate this guy! I've never liked this guy! Not for "a" particular reason, but because he got's very cheap moves that he uses to cheat when you fight him. And this guy likes the fight only to get money and FAME! Grrrrrrrrrrrr><. I don't know why this guy even tries to fight! He always try pass this guy in the game but I can never pass him in the first try. Hmmmm? O ya, in the movie he is a good guy that helps Chun-Li and E. Honda and Guile to bring down the Shadaloo army. In the movie Alpha he is a bad guy and in the Animated movie of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, he is a nutreul. Not that he's weird is that he look weird! Doesn't look very normal! ya, there's a excuse for the other guys but this guy he's a pure human! Ah! that is another thing! He is the only charactewr in the game who is actually pure human. Wow! that sucks! Mostly you can tell that people are human in there moves!
Orgin: Well if he is pure human then that means he can only be from one country and only one country the United States of America!
Overall: Ok so this guy is alright! I don;t hate him, but c'mon get a new style and some new material.

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