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A former street thug. He worked as a nitty greedy bouncer at this club. He heard of the Shadowlaw gang (( which was Bison's gang back in the day )). Then it was Shadaloo, then the Metal Gear, which is currently ran by Birdie. Birdie overthrew Bison and killed him, then took the place of Bison! You know that he is from the original Street Fighter! But he was WHITE? Now he's black? I don't get that! In his concluding staement in Street Fighter Alpha, it says him being sick or pale or something like that.
He did train enough to kill Bison. That's a releif, well come on Bison is the best, but he can't be the boss forever. So Biride came in and defeated him in Like in Street Fighter Alpha 2 or Street Fighter Alpha 3! ?Wait no, Zangeif is the Boss in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but I don't think that Birdie comes out in Street Fighter Alpha 3.
Orgin: The great country of U.S.A. I wouldn't say the greatest. I like Japan better ^^'
Overall: So he wasn't "all that" in Street Fighter I, he was alrigt in Street Fighter Alpha 2 he was :D. So in a scale from one to ten I would give hime a eight at least ^^
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