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Guy. That's a very unusal name. Student to the Mater Zenku. Zenku left the school fearing the domination of the world. Guy studied Bushin style. This style is very similar to the Shatoken School of Karate teachings. Guy has studied Bushin for a very long time, I think like all his life! =|
Guy is originally from Street Fighter or any other Street Fighter legacy!? ya, right now you're like "What?"
Guy is originaly from the "Final Fight" Series. Appeared in Street Fighter Alpha. Or Street Fighter Zero (( in Japanesse)). Guy also has entered the tounament to fulfill the quest Master Zenku never finished. (( Hey I learned something NEW! ))  Guy also has mastered the study of nitsujitsu also? =S.
I would say that he copies the moves of Ryu, Akuma, Ken, Dan, Sakura (( Even Sakura is a poser also.)) Not only does he win for himself, Guy hepled Cody defeat the "Metal Gear Gang" to save him!
Now that he has finished buisness with Cody he is moving on to destroying the once Shadaloo army led by M. Bison, now the
Shadowlaw army. Why doesn't Bison give up? He's gonna loose with all these Ryu wannabe's!
Even though I've summed up guy's profile I have much information then I would put on the first version of my site.
Overall: So you got to admit it he's cool I would give him a 8 out of 10 on Version 1!
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