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Gee! Talk about Ryu wannabe! She is a big fan of the Shatoken teachings! Even by looking at the pictures on the left <--- you can see how much she admires Ryu and how much Ryu admires her! Well, I don't think Ryu is interested in her and you can take a look at the end of the picture to see what I mean!
So, what do we have here? A chick who's hot (( I prefer blondes ))
and she likes to fight alot. I mean alot. Everytime she sees a fight she wants to join and kick someone's ass! Weird? Well, there was Chun-Li and I can't say anything. Sakura knows everymove Ryu knows, except the Dragon Punch with the flame.
More Information: She comes from the Street Fighter Alpha Series's and that's a cool series, but take a look at my reviews. Ok, one time her friend was being picked on by the " Metal Gear gang " and then she kicked there assses. Same thing with Ryu, Bison wanted to kill someone in the Alpha movie then Sakura interupted his fight. Bison the go very very pist off! So he was going to kill Sakura, then right out of no where Ryu came out and saved her in the nock of time! And after all that crap Sakura was following Ryu and everything.
And that's how all this stuff liking Ryu started to happen.
Origin: Japan (( Same as Ryu ))
Overall: Very Hot ((  but I prefer blondes )) and she has a nice set of moves.
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