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Ryu no doubt one of the best Street Fighter's to be created ever! Well, remember I said " one " of the greatest. What is so kool about this guy?
Well lets see: he has a cool design in every Street Fighter. Hold on! You should the crappy look of him in the first Street Fighter ever made! Man! He sucked! Everything sucked! Down right to the design and moves!
But that's enough of his game history. Let's see again. Of course he's one of the Shatoken Students in the " Shatoken School of Karate.  He has a very big past! I mean very big! First of all he has a very big history with Sagat. In one of the previous tournaments Ryu kicked his ass very very very bad! And I mean very bad! He even left the scar that you can see in every game. Yup, that scar is very huge. Right in his chest! Right in the center.
Orgin: Ryu is from Japan, and seeking more challengers as he wants more and more respect from the toughest challengers. He has been fighting for the longest time!
Overall: Ok. You got to admit that Ryu is a bad dude that everyone enjoys to play with.

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