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What can I say? How can anyone not like this little guy? LIITLE?
Hell no this guy is the best Street Fighter ever made in the whole entire legacy of Street Fighter and all Street Fighter. So good and well designed that this guy has alot of imataions, and when I mean imatations I mean CHEAP imatations! Lots of imatations and right now I can only think of only two butI forgot there frikin' names becuz there are cheap ass imatations! Best moves in Street Fighter! Best Gameplay as in whn you play the computer as him that means he's not that much of a cheater and not that much of a fair person! Wuahahahahahaha!
So....Bison,eh? Very, very, powerful moves and very powerful in dictating and lots of other crap! So powerful that he gots generals up his a**!  Like Cammy,Dee-Jay,Biridie,Adon,Vega,Sagat,Barlog, and many more suck-up's!
He is the man of contriversy, like killing lots of people and threatning lots of other nations! So that's why almost everybody has joined the tournament! Once even tried to kill Ken and Ryu at one time! But he " died "(almost).
Orgin: Tai-Land ( Same as Sagat )
Overall: The best Street Fighter ever made, WAIT, No, Ryu is, so he's the second best! =)
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I'am So Sorry about the last screw up