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E. Honda (( Edmond )) Ya, that's what the "E" stands for just in case
you were wondering. Sum Super Star wrestler. He is the 3rd strongets in weight and strength. He appears in the Street Fighter II series. One of the best designs to me, and I don't know about you.
In the game after you knock him out  (( like the annoucer when he says " You Win " )), and that's when you win E. Honda. It looks like you can see his " balls ". Now my friend Danny think they are his balls! But there're not. There those little things that look like pampers that " Sumo " wrestlers wear. but any way his moves are okay. But I think the creaters just got some of the moves from Blakna. They are pretty much the same. And you can tell very easily by playing as one against the other.
orgin: Also same as Ryu he is from the country that I would probaly would like to live in.....which is the great Japan.
Overall: Ok you got to admit that he is a pretty good player if you play wth him well.
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