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This guy is GAY! Man I hate this GAY guy! Man he is so GAY! No to mention that he is frikin' GAY! Not that I'm GAY! Like him! Now he's GAY! Vega is name and GAY is his game. So what? You wanna know about this GAY character! My friend Louie likes this GAY guy I don't know why but he's benn acting pretty GAY! So he's from a royal GAY family! So he's GAY! The royal Sign for his family is GAY snake. O wow! I'm so scared! Wuhaahahahahahah. Man that's GAY! More $#!+! Um....o ya he's GAY! And he is a member from Bison's GAY army and he is a GAY general! Man that's GAY! Um...? He hates Ryu!
Why? Becuz He's GAY! He fought Ryu like akk GAY then he lost in a GAY way! So you can say he's GAY! Hmmmm.........? Wut else is GAY aboot this guy!? O ya, He's GAY! Wut else? O ya, He's more GAY GAY GAY! Damn!
Orgin: He's from the GAY country Spain! That is GAY country. It wouldn't be GAY. If Vega wasn't there! So that's GAY.
Overall: The word GAY has been used 33 GAY Times!
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I'am So Sorry about the last screw up