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Ooooooooooooooooo! Sagat! More famous for "Sagat the Fagat". I wouldn't complain. He did look like a queer. I'm Talking about the first Street Fighter. He was one of those characters that most games use the same design for a NPC ( Non-Palyable Character)
( and you can thank my frien Justin for giving what NPC stands for).
But after the Debut of the Street Fighter II: The World Warrior he started to get more of the Design in him! Next, He started to get more "character"  In Street Fighter Alpha, or Part 2. That big scar on his chest is from a feirce fight from Ryu! (( Another problem from Ryu! )) (( What the hell is wrong with him! )) Ya, so now that wussy is now trying to kill Ryu as Vega is trying to kill Ryu! And of course he is one of the best GENERALS that Bison has in the Shadaloo army! But M. Bison thinks he is stupid, so to keep his great power is to let him stay! And Sagat does not always loyal to M. Bison
so that sux!
Orgin: Sagat is from Tai-Land.
Overall: Uh? Hmmm $#!+
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I'am So Sorry about the last screw up