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Blanka ia also know as Charlie. Charlie as in Guile's best friend. The best friend who is captured by Bison and turned into the ultimate killer machine. But after turned into this "killer machine" he was very soft and harmless. So Bison tried to kill him, and Guie came back then found out what happened to Charlie and then Guile tried yo kill him!!!! Dhalsim came in and told him what had happened to Charlie. So Charlie (( Blanka )) and Dhalsim stayed as Guile and the others escaped while they stayed, and supposidly DIED! But they didn't. Blanka went to Brazil and has been living there ever since.
Orgin: He's from Brazil but really first he was from U.S.A and then
after being turned into Blanka he lives in Brazil, so you can say his
orgin is the U.S.A.
More Info: Charlie or "Blanka" had a wife. And after one of the previous tournaments after figting as Blanka he met her again but then he told her to leave. So I don't know what happened after that.
Overall: Umm......Blanka is a good way to cheat in the Arcade games! Just to tell you....and that's about it. Mmm Hmm. =D
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