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Chun-Li has been one of my favorites since I've seen her. Street Fighter II: The world Warrior (( also known as Street Fighter II )). Chun-Li is that hot chick that you see in the banner above this little section. Ya, she's hot!  I like her style also! Well not really her style cuz, this is how it is. Ok Ryu is in love Chun-Li right? And Sakura is in love with Ryu. And then Ryu always tries to avoid Sakura. So you get where I'm going? Catch my drift? Well, Chun-Li is in the middle of it. ^^.
Orgin: Chun-Li, you can tall where's she's from! CHINA! Duh! Well, if you're into the game like me. Then you knew that one.
More Informatio: Uhhh? Ya, Chun-Li is one of those chicks like James Bond. She is a " so-called " reporter. In her crew is Barlog (( but Barlog in the movie ( as in the movie with John-Claud Damme)
is her friend [and in the animated movie he is a bad guy], so that's kind of messed up )).
Overall: I love Chun-Li and you should to! Cuz she is HOT! =)

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