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One of the unique designs of the Street Fighter Series. Very UNIQUE!  If you've played the games that he has came in you know what I'm talking about. If you've never played the games that he's came out ( which I really DOUBT! >< ) ( =D ), then lemme give you a descrpition. Okay, you've probaly seen him and here is the description. [" Stretching ARMS!"] Now does that refresh your very, very short term memory of a brain! nah, Just Playing with you ^^.
So let's see what we can see! And I meant that! Ok he has a wife as in wife and he loves her very much, but she left him when he became this witch-doctor that he is right now! Awwwwww =(.
Too BAD! Wuhahahahahahahahahahah! XD. So that's all I got on this guy----Um NO! He likes elephants! Did I mention that! He liked to kepp them very healthy, groom them, feed them, and do everything! So that's another bit of info that you should know.
Orgin: He's from India as in HINDO! Wuahahahahahahha! NO! Not FUNNY! So he's from India eh? Well that's just gay! Nah just kidding!
Inida's coool ^^.
Overall: Can't say much for this guy. He's ver, very mysterious. =|
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I'am So Sorry about the last screw up