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A former Marine pilot as Guile was. He was turned into Blanka! This is the "Charlie I was talking to you in Blanka's bio. He was Guiles best friend then was almost killed by Guile in the Street Fighter Movie (( the cheap one )) So.....? Hmm He does have the hair thing going on. But Come on, Another Guile? Guile was ok by himself, I'm sure ge doesn't mind that Charlie has the following moves:
Flash Kick
Sonic Boom
Remind you of someones moves? Yep, Guiles exact moves. I don't know why Capcom made this imatation. Imatation? The hair thing? Just like Guile had the haor thing going on. And the same thing>>
People who are experts with this imatation can rule the arcades for like the whole day ( just like experts in the Street Fighter II: Special Champoinship Edition were able to rule the arcade all day )
That is just low!
I can't hand it to Capcom this time! Nope big mistake.
Even though they could've just left him on Blanka, but many people knew Blanka was a human so they probaly wanted to know how he looked before he was transformed into what he was?
I don't know exactly how it fits into the story mode at the end. But it's really messed up.
Orgin: The U.S.A
Overall: Loser! Nope Sorry Charlie, but there's room for only one Guile.!!!!!!
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I'am So Sorry about the last screw up