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Geee! man I swear this guy has tons-o-HISTORY in him! First of all, Blanka Oh! I mean Charlie, his best friend was urned into Blanka! How weird is that? Sheesh! That sux, your best friend transformed into monster ^^'. Heheheheheheheeee.....right? Bison is his acrhenemy! Wutever guile tries to defeat The "Shadaloo" Army, which is ran by M. Bison. He will never stop until The Shadaloo Army is defeated! [But i don't think he'll suceed =P. He'll be too OLD to defeat them! Wuahahahahahahahah    XD. <---that's a face, laughing " I think ".  So wut else aboot this guy? uh? You wouldn't believe me if I told you this, but he had a crush on Chun-Li and she had a crush on him!!! " But  you're telling you're self " "What about Ryu?" "Doesn't Chun-Li like Ryu?". She does, but she's a player! I dunno wut the Heck is wrong with her! Pick ONE! Darn! Dang it!
Orgin: Duh! He's from the United States of America! Nah you think!
You are all idiots for not knowing this! So you can just say HELLO to my little friend!
Overall: Hmmm......Cheater! In the Arcade game you can dominate the game for a whole DAY, ( that's if you're expert )
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I'am So Sorry about the last screw up