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Inspirational Articles from my "Jott'em Downs"©

By Mary Lois Bierman

© Mary's Treasures of Inspirational writings. Copyrighted All rights reserved 1996 - 2009
By Mary Lois Bierman See bottom of page about permission to use them.

How my "Jott'em Downs" became a Ministry

My family kept after me to put my 'jott'em downs' on my web page. I have problems with grammar, which I have found out is a learning problem, plus I turn sentences and words and numbers around. For so long would not show my writings to anyone. So please enjoy the spirit of the articles, and over look the mistakes. When I asked some to correct them they said no that it would ruin the flavor of the articles.

They are about everyday life with Father, and range from funny, to pulling at the heart strings. Home spun inspirational stories, articles, home, life, worship to praise. All praise goes to our Father for any edification, or enjoyment you get from them.

Many write saying they do not know why they are writing, and pour their hearts out to me. Never did I imagine something like a Ministry coming for my conversations with our Father and jotting down what I talked about, or scriptures that meant lot to me.

Pastors are using them in sermons and in their free publications. I hear of others sending them to friends.

I would love to hear from you if you have been blessed by an article, and also how you come to find MT. Mary.titus (at) gmail ( dot ) com

Well, I just give up! I had these in catagories, light hearted, a little more serious, then real more deep ministering articles. Soon I couldn't figure out where to put them! So they are alphabetical.


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After visiting this page please check out my blog with more home spun stories of walking down memory lane of happy memorys of growing up. Rose's Jott'em Downs

    How I met the man I was to marry.
  1. Part1 of 2 . . . She said, "Let me tell you how to pray for a husband."

    How I met the man I was to marry.

  2. Part 2. . .Boy, was I in for a surprise!!
    The rest of the story.
    We have been on a honeymoon since 1/25/75. Have one wonderful son that was born in summer of 1976.

  3. Silver Linings New 8/24/01

  4. Am I Like A Moth Ball
  5. Am I off playing a game, or planting for a harvest?
  6. Are We Like Animals Going Into Noah's Ark?
  7. Are we like sheep
    Have I been following someone, and didn't see the cliff?
  8. Are We On Probation In Our Walks with our Father?
  9. Attitude, The Hidden Enemy
    Angels protect us from harm, but what about the hidden enemy?
  10. There is nothing in the world like being His
  11. Being of one mind with the Master
    Having His mind in us in all we do and say.
  12. Big Banners or Big Hearts
  13. Birthright with our Father
    What would it take for us to sell ours?
  14. Blood Brothers
    I can remember playing this game as a child.
  15. Bought For The Price Of Sandals
  16. Called In Love
  17. Can You Hear, And See It?
  18. Choosing a mate is not like the pin the tail on the donkey game.
  19. Crickets singing, stars shinning, and all was well in the world I was in
  20. Dimples In Our Life
  21. Do I Hear What He Is Saying?
    Do I agree with Him in what He says?
  22. Do you ever want to hold someone's ears so they will listen?
  23. Endurance Has A great Reward
  24. Explaining to our 3 year old how a prayer can't be stopped.
  25. From ashes beauty can come
  26. His Pain For Me
  27. Hanging on For Dear Life.
    I am not going to let go of you!
  28. He blesses me accordingly to my understanding.
  29. He loves to lavish gifts on His children
  30. He said loved me, only my heart didn't know it.
  31. Heartfelt Test
    Am we better than Joseph? Look at what he went through!
  32. Heartsick? Come to me.
  33. His Awesome Love
  34. His Decision
    I was so ill, and asking, "What would my child believe if I wasn't healed?
  35. How can one know the Heavenly Fathers love when they have known no daddy's love?
  36. How do we help children to hear better in services?
    You would be surprised at what they hear when...

  37. How do I choose a mate?
  38. How My Life's Dream Changed!
  39. I am no burried bone, and I am not forgotten!
  40. I'm Glad It Didn't Happen
    Let me die before I goof up again.
  41. I forgot mommy, some bread with the jelly too please.
  42. I want a sure thing, not a hope.
  43. I stepped out as it were into thin air, expecting my Father to hold me up.
  44. In His Likeness. Can this be me?
  45. Just one piece missing, and the enemy has a place to place a wedge to win.
  46. Just Trust Me, He says, and I did.
  47. Knowing The Heart
    At times our Father has to know our heart.
  48. Letting Or Fathers Spirit Work In Us
    Making us a new creation.
  49. Life Is Like A Rip Tide
  50. Little nuggets are every where. We just have to pick them up.
  51. Looking up
    Kicking the spiritual stones and not looking up.
  52. Memory Lane. Rainy days, and walks with Mama.
  53. Mommy, are angels watching me take a bath?
  54. More than just junkyard dust new 5/14/2001/
  55. My Empty Boat Can be Used For A Work
  56. He loves to lavish gifts on His children
  57. No deer was going to get my daddy's peaches!
  58. Oh Father, I want all these things! Please?
  59. Old Hurts, New Me
  60. The Old Blue Van Miracle
  61. The Old Dried Up Sponge
  62. Often as you do it.
    Just how often do I remember an anniversary?
  63. The Old Gardener
    My daddy and our Heavenly Father had a lot in common.
  64. One Mind With Our Father
  65. Our Calling - Not of man but the Father
  66. The Potters Clay-I want to be a vessel of gold. NEW 8/20/2001
  67. Please be my inner strength, and power through your Spirit.
  68. Please Father, help Me forget the hurts
  69. Point of view can sure make a difference!
    Oh no! Those trains are going to hit head on!
  70. Precious Father Thank You For Faith
    Do you believe you are squeaky clean?
  71. Rocks Hills Curves
    That was all I could see.
  72. Seeing me, with the new me, with His Awesome Love
  73. Speaking The Word Into Our Life
  74. Standing On Hope
  75. Thanks for loving arms to nestle in when I feel lonely for you.
  76. Then your light shall break for as morning light.
    The Fast our Father acknowledges.
  77. There is nothing in the world like being His
  78. The Twinkle In My Husbands' Eye
  79. Using Our Heavenly Fathers Things
  80. Vegetarian Sermons
    A vegetarian meal is filling, but these sermons still left me hungry!
  81. Victory
    Victory and holding on in doing a good work.
  82. Waiting For Answered Prayer
  83. We Are The King's Kids!!
  84. We Have To Know Someone To Love Them/B>
  85. What A Difference This Would Make
    At home, jobs, being mate, child or parent using these verses to live by that would change our lives!
  86. What Happens If I Leave?
    Being scared to step out on faith to leave a group.
  87. When Things Begin To Tumble
    Does it seem like everything is just going wrong?
  88. The Wilderness Experience - Onward Ho
  89. Will We Be Next
    Putting on the whole armour to protect ourselves against the enemy.
  90. Why Some Have A Fear Of Commitment
  91. When Do We Speak Out?

  92. We Are Not Orphans
    It was not Daddy Warbucks that summoned us, and we are not Orphan Annie.
  93. We All Are His Little Children.
    So why do we not act like one?
  94. What does is cost me to be the Kings Kid?
    Not redeemable with coupons, gold or silver.
  95. What goes though your mind when you hear the word freedom?
    Just what are we free from?
  96. What happened changed me for a life time!
  97. What happen to my prayers? - Fiction/fact
  98. Who A Child of Our Father Is
  99. You Are Better Than A Best Friend

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Many have asked to include these articles in publications, used them in their Ministry services and wanted to share them with others. They are coded so don't take them and sell them to magazines as some do by surfing the internet and taking other peoples materials and selling it.

© All rights reserved 1997 - 2009
Mary Lois Bierman's Mary's Treasures Of Inspirational Ministry of Jott'em Downs, articles may shared freely, if notified at the address below as to where it is shared, as is without alteration except for grammar/spelling corrections, and with © attached on each article. If you freely shared any articles please let me know where, how, and by whom this piece is published and/or distributed. It may not be included in anything that money is received for in any medium, without financial arrangements made in advance for their use.

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