Saturday, February 07, 2004

hi CC,

there's funkamania finals at ngee ann city today @ 7pm. Hey Angie and kit, Andy is in the finals... =)
I'll be rushing down there after my roadshow. sigh... always have to work on weekeneds... wish I
was still studying...

I miss all of you... Hope to see all of you soon. Hugz!!!


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

hi crazychildren...

it's been a long time... nice seeing ivan, derek, bryan, candy, carol, angie, kit, jane and val at ryan's place during chinese new year. hao jiu bu jian! and yes kit, congratulations on ya matrimonial commitment to steven...!

school has started... and ther work's piling in at supersonic speed. my assignments and presentations r all due within these few weeks i m trying to resist killing myself. *urgh* i am now staying in school! i reckon i better stay in school to FORCE myself to go to school otherwise my grades will do a southward dive to hell. so yeah most of the time i am cooped up in my room at night doing work. i wish i could get out more but yah i have to force myself to do work. punishing myself. can't wait for the week to be over. oh no, actuallie i can't wait for next week. then no more presentations to worry about! but then got essays to do... *puke* work's making me sick man...

ooh anyway i received mail frm studiowu about the dance instructor course. is anyone taking it up? i m interested in it but now's a very inconvenient time for me to get involved in it, no money no time. and yes i know everyone keeps asking when is training gonna start... but no one seems to know... *sigh* issit us and our nonchalance and always depending on ryan again? i hope it isn't... but i have to admit i guess as much as i wan classes to start, i m lazy to organise anything also... cos of time restrictions... sorrie.

i do miss dancing. very much. a yr ago i had big dreams n plans of how i wanted to pursue dance. after 6 mths of not dancing, i feel very sad n feel further away from my dream. does anyone feel that way too? hmm... i hope u are all doing good. i know i don't drop it very often but it is nice to see ppl still ard.

sorrie for not being ard as much.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Been so looong, miss the smell of blogger.

I'll be there Kit! Count me in!

Another annoucement: Carol is holding a gathering to marvel at the wonders of life, to celebrate a sperm egg reunion that goes back 21 years that pronounced a 'oops, i can't believe i'm pregnant moment' and the result being a caesarean birth on the 15th Feb 1983 on the 3rd day of the Lunar Chinese New Year according to the Lunar Calendar.
21 years old, still lost and still growing up, still searching for an identity. Please come dressed in all black and bring a white candle along as it is a very solemn occasion.
Venue: To be confirmed.
Time: To be confirmed.
What can be confirmed is, it'll be on 14th February, night time.
Tell me if you guys prefer late night or early night. Because its V-day and i'll try to accomodate to all the people having hot dates and smoochies-coochies going on.
Thank you guys.... :)

So are you all coming?? Michelle? Xiaoyun???

Monday, February 02, 2004

oh gosh!!!!!!!! im so happie fer u 2.....congrtaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugz* heres one beautiful upcoming bride n a very happi wife!!! kit, steven is very lucky to haf u....all the best~~~