Wednesday, May 18, 2005

dear all~ i think it's been half a year since i checked back here. Final year is crap . My assessment is on thurs and my final year show is on tues. It's a weird timing i dunno if anyone can make it. but details are as follows:

24th may 2005 (tues)
mandarin hotel orchard

Already informed ryan but he didn't reply me. lemme know if u can make it via sms. Yun is very very tired now, she jus wanna die....

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Yo guys.....

Apparently there's this competition going on....

Dunno if anyone interested.....

RE:MIX Dance Competition ALERT all dancers!!!
Registration is now open for RE:MIX Dance Competition!
Experience a unique and challenging dance competition aimed to pick out the best of the best from the Singapore Street Dancing Scene. Compete in a team of minimum of 5 members with your best dance routine and get ready for a power packed RE:MIX Dance Showdown in JULY!

Here are some Details:
Heats : 19th June 2K5
Final Showdown : 9th July 2K5
Registration Closing Date : 5th June 2K5
Registration Fee : $6/- per dance member
Location : National YouthPark
For more information, do come down to the National Youth Council Building and grab your registration forms now or email us at tdancesociety@ for more enquiries.

*Note: There is no limitations to your dance capabilities. As long as it's STREET in nature, we look forward to see you in the HEATS!