Saturday, March 04, 2006

Thank you all....

Congratulations Candy and Angie!!!

My birthday ahh.... Spent with my family... but got nice bd present from Steven.... digital camera... haha.... :)

So Angie.... when are u going to feed us with more detailed information about THE PROPOSAL??? Huh huh???

Monday I'm gonna start on my new job.... dunno what to expect....

Hope everyone's doing fine!!
Happy Birthday Kit!

Congratulations Candy!

Congratulations Angie!

looks like we have a lot of things to be happy about. How wonderful!

Carol, me interested in the dance class... though i'm now actualy quite stiff... that day i tried to stretch... I tot I would never be able to get up... acceptable or not?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hi babes....
Carol, niceeeeeeeee peom. =)
Ladies, carol will sponsor 50% of dance fee if we attend her classes.
But must package. At least 5pple.

Picture of Candy's ROM:

Happy Belated Bday Kit! I hope you and Steven had a good time together on the 26 Feb...Tell us how you are celebrate leh. =)