Friday, June 25, 2004

That sounds great! I'd love to dance again... though I'm as inflexible as a plank, as rusty as nail and as fat as a elephant. Hah! Count me in!
I just quit my stressful job, so I can commit to a weekly training again... yahoo!
I'm going back to studying for a year... yea! It's really true what they say about having a much better time studying than working... at least for me.
Looks like Angie and Kit are doing well in their careers, bought car and went overseas for biz trip al... I'm happy for you gals.
Audrey, dun despair... Jai you! I wish you all the best in your exams.
Yun, dun overwork yourself ya... take care of yourself...
So let me know if we're starting the training again.
Take care ya all, till next time we meet again. Cheers!

Hmm... how about an outing?

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Dearest CrazyChildren,

Good news :
1) I got a blue car. (without the funky yellow slippers)
2) Pay increment.
3) Shift to a new enclosed area with new desk, new chair, extra 2 visitor seats. (without the managerial title)
4) Met Takami san at the Panasonic booth of CommunicAsia2004 displaying 6 red gongfu fighters. Ho Ha!

Bad news :
1) Haven't been sleeping well. Brain is working even at night and the heart gets excited easily.
2) Walk extremely slowly due to lumpy tissues.
3) Have missed out a month of dancing.
4) Trying very hard to live a systematic lifestyle where I can systematically planned my every day schedule and thus leaving sufficient extra time for impromptu activities.

Ivan has asked me about starting training for CC again. He will be able to attend every 2 sats. I have no idea how to reply him.
Any one of you still interested to dance as CrazyChildren?