Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yo yo yo....Happy Birthday Carol.
Wha liao...I fell today while delivering goods and I'm fucking pissed cos my backside is painful.
I can only sit on my left butt now.

I'm flying tomorrow morning...
Be back on Friday night. Anyway wants to go clubbing this weekend? I have some open invitations.

Candy, you must finish your shopping by this weekend. Need help can call me on sat. I will be going Orchard in the morning for 11am dentist appointment.
Actually I intend to wear a tailor-made gown which I had wore it during Charter's Bro wedding, so nv look for another dress. But now Charter & my mom say its better to get a new one, so im panicky looking for 1...

gals, the sisters ang bao is still with me, haven convert it at the money changer. . Promise to pass it to you all on our next meeting..
Who u spending ur birthday with huh???
May u stay glam glam and pretty pretty always.....

Candy..... Why u haven't bought a dress?? What kind of dress u looking for?
Usually will buy from Daniel Yam loh.... but big departmental stores like OG and Metro will also have Labels like Yen which are similar to Daniel Yam... you can have a look at those as well. Go shopping lah!!

Me starting to nua in office liao.... can't wait to hand over....

When are we coming out for dinner again??
Wow... so many things happening here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL!!! Candy, dun u worry... u'll look great in aything. Sorry I can't come coz i can't take leave during school term... wish i could go.

So when r we planning our 'next outing'? Shall we have a hen party for Candy?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Carol, Happy Birthday to U!!

Well Kit, im more panic than excited... I haven got my dress for that day... any recommendations on where to get? other than Daniel Yam?

Angie...... so hows your V-day like? DId Mr Teo surprise u with a ring or propose?? Share leh.
Carol.... ya... Finally I'm moving on. The new place is further away lah but it is more accessible than my current workplace, therefore it is in fact easier to get around. Furthermore my official off work time will be 5.30pm compared to 6.15pm now leh.... 45 min difference!! But I'm expecting to be doing more OT at the new place tho.... see how.

The O school website quite cool. But how come no info on the instructors?? Is the Gin the last time Suntec Dance Gin Tonic? I will have to figure out my schedule between Studio Wu and ur side first before I can start going for classes. Probably now this week tho. How's work? Enjoying yourself??

Candy!!! U'll be married next week!!! Excited or not???

I'm feeling very sleepy recently.... i think its the relief of the stress built up in the past 3 years from working in SFI.... Now suddenly no more stress, so suddenly feel sleepy. ZZzzzzzz....

Carol.... so who u celebrating your bd with???

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hello Everyone!!

KIT: YAY! You finally getting outta that place.. ya, everytime hear you complain, good thing that you're finally doing something new..somemore cocoa place!! But very far for you no meh?

Anyways, wanna make announcement: This week at O school, all classes (cept MR Tan who's starting in March) is going at $5. Our opening special..for more details go to
Its very fun & Tiring & challenging at the same time, this new work..but you guys should come see the studio! VERY nice!! One of the studio is a basketball court with grafitti on the walls..

How's the rest been? Audrey, still getting bullied by your lady boss from another department?
My dear friends.....

I'm very happy to announce that I'm finally changing job!!!!
From next month onwards, I will be working in a cocoa company, doing R&D. Not too sure if I will get to get chocolate for cheap (hahaha) but if I do will sure get you guys lots.... and make sure they are not Malaysian chocolates.... (:P)

So glad to be leaving this dreaded place...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Valentine first....

Another dance school open...wanna put on those dancing shoes again?
Anyone borrowed my jazz pants and I can't find my jazz shoes...
Went for Yoga class and I so bad at stretching...
I will press on.

Carol, Happy Birthday in advance...
How you want to celebrate..? with bf or with me?

Kit, congrats in getting the COCOA job!!!!
And Happy Birthday inadvance too...
I'm quite forgetful you know...=)