Friday, January 21, 2005

No wonder this place have been a ghost town for so long... butthen, where's the rest?? Sigh.

Angie, trip to Bangkok every month? Quite hectic like that isn't it? I'm still contemplating on leaving my stupid company... still haven't succeeded... So shi bai.

Are you really getting married soon?? If you are, congrats man... that IS good news...

Can't even remember when was the last time we came together as CC anymore... Ya... there should be training... My body also can't wait liao... very stiff already....

How's everyone man?? Life is sian.....
Hi people...
I just came back from Bangkok.
I will probably be flying to BKK once a month.
If you girls are planning for a shopping trip can let me know.

Anyone watched Shall We Dance?
Pretty nice show.
Entice you to put on those dancing shoes again.

I will be dancing from 28 Jan.
But I do hope there is some kind of regular training for CrazyChildren.
Cos I really want to do repertoire for Ryan Tan's dance company by this year end.
For slow people like me, we really have to get started now.

People, please relay this msg to Tan if you see him. His choreography can wait, but my body cant. I have to get married you know. the babies and stuff.

And also, thanks for the kind thots on the eve of my bday. Very interesting to have people eating and drinking coffee and part of a secretive plan to come my house on a Monday's eve.
With or without the cake, the thot of you guys "playing it cool" was really heart warming.

I am running behind a schedule.
So many things so little time.

This year will be a blissful year.
The hard times happened during end 2004 but we see good things in 2005.
At least, there are 2 weddings bells ringing.