Tuesday, October 12, 2004

ok i noe wad happen to her liao =p

What's up!! Im writing you from New York City..in the broadway dance centre . cos got free internet access here..hehe.. and classes are going on so there's nobody in line. =)
Everyone should plan a trip here.. they're classes from 930am in the morning till night and there's so many things to see (outside of dance) here. like on Sunday i just walked through a few flea markets..went to central park and singalong with beatles fan cos its Lennon's birthday haha.
The hostel im staying at is quite alright. cept it would be much better if they've got heater! but they only turn it on in winter..but its like winter to me loh, its damn cold..
People can pick up steps quite fast, and they teach about 6-8'8s in class. so its quite challenging to slow catchers like me. hehe some classes the style is quite different so will take some time to be accustommed to it. bbdc more street style classes while steps (which i haven't start class yet ) will be more on jazz.
Okay, gtg. will update you guys again..


ME?!?!?! heheh... when im back??? hahhah... i will be back on 25th nov... but will have to start from scratch... hope i dun slow u guys down...=/ anw wad happen to carol?