Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hi all!!! This is a bit last minute but are you all free on X'mas day? Shall we have a gathering? My place is open or we can go out. I have sms-ed everyone. So far only Kit and Angie replied and seem free. Bryan just sms (hah!) but already got something on...
The show was great... esp Carol..... and Candy and Gen and Ryan
Think Carol improved a lot....

Just that I didn't feel too comfortable being surrounded by CityHarvest pple...

Good luck for ur first meeting today Carol!!

Are we doing anything for Ryan's birthday?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

meet 7.45 at orchard
let's meet 7.45 at Orchard Mrt.
see them dance.
Huh? Dancing? For what event?? Can watch one or not??

Then how??

I'll text u.... hehehe.... seems not many pple visit this place anymore tho....
hmm... den how lidat? or wanna go see them dance in orchard?..... can see one anot huh? den after their dance can go catch up a little.. provided they are available.... aiyer i oso dunno leh... how how how?????

Monday, December 20, 2004


Carol and Candy dancing at Orchard tomorrow at abt 8pm

Currently only 2 of you responded to meet later.
So are we gong to meet for coffee late or change dinner to Wednesday?
Wednesday will be better cos I have report to hand in on Wednesday may need to go work late on Tuesday.

Text me @97964800


I'll try to make it. Might have something going on at 7.30pm. What time u guys stay until? Me see if I can drop by for a while.......

Angie ar!!!

So long never hear from u.... heheh mish u wor.... eh ur tuesday issit tomolo? as in 21st dec huh? i got dinner at my grandmama hse so i probly drop by after that...


Sunday, December 19, 2004

hi people.
i'm back.
should be dancing again from jan onwards if no further change in plan.
although this recent stop of dancing was not part of intention but the "start" of dancing this coming Jan has brought an unexpected kind of anxiety and new hopes.

Great to hear from everyone.
I'm dating everyone to come down to Bishan on Tuesday night about 7pm.
Is that alright?
Bishan got cafe cartel and i am dying to get everyone to come down and eat free bread.

please spread the word....
see you.