Wednesday, March 08, 2006

lots of new adventures beginning here eh? funny bumping into Gen in my school... what r the chances... got me thinking about the times we all danced together.. is that ever gonna happen again?

I really need to brush up my dancing man... it's starting to look like the miming going on in clubs... (everytime i think about you, i get down on my knees and pray) haha... and to think i'm cherographing dance now for my CCA's (or what we used to call ECA) competition. Thankfully it's only pat of the competition.

Are we going to meet sometime soon? How about this weekend? =)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welcome back Gen!!! You've been a lost sheep for quite a while I see.... :P

Yes Carol... I'm at work already. Today was my second day.... and no I'm not at work now.
I'm also a lost sheep now lah.... and abandoned.... Sigh... My immediate superior had to go back to Holland due to urgent personal reasons and I'm left alone with no one to guide me as to what is my job scope and what am I supposed to do. Oh... but one exciting thing is that I'll learn how to make Oreo cookies!!! Without the center cream that is.... only the cookie... hahaha.....

But the thing is the raw materials for the cookie isn't available in the normal supermarkets.... so I won't be able to duplicate them in my own kitchen.... Sigh....

I hope I'll be able to learn to make more delicious things in time to come....

I'm sorry Carol but I haven't been sitting down to plan my dancing schedules... so I'm still sticking to Studio Wu for the time being. Will do that when I settle down more in my job and make sure I can afford time time....

Maybe we should bring more lost sheep back into this blogger.....
hello people!

this is so funny. if not for carol, i wouldn't have found my way back here. and now, i've managed to retrieve my username & password and stop trying to log on to wrong webpages. haha.

seems like alot has been happening around here man. hope that you are all happy and leading fulfilling lives. ahahah.

and jane! i am very impressed with your lao-shi ways... hahaha

oh my... we've all grown up...

Monday, March 06, 2006

Kit!! Its Monday, 1am. In a few hours time you'll start your first day at work..if you're reading this on during working really shouldn't...hehe

yes, everyone come for class..Mr Tan's class haven't start yet though. But coming soon la, hopefully by next month. Expecting you all to be the regulars of O school leh..hehe

welll.. everything's going A-Okay! busy at O school, but no longer doing 12 hours shifts la..haha went to Liquid room yesterday.. the new generations of dancers man. VERY got feel..powerpack. pressured mannn