Friday, July 09, 2004

carol chen called me regarding the musical~ TnT i'm not going for it... gonna make a fool outta myself and drag everybody down if i do la~ T-T somemore, final year already... this sounds silly but i actually can;t wait for school to start~ >.<

yay! it's all alive once again... how wonderful... xiaoyun! very very nice... very very impressive! keep up the good work! ohhh i miss u guys so much... so so much... carol, kit, jane, xiaoyun, candy, angie, ryan, daniel, and everyone else too... *BAO BAO* (hug hug).... eh your never dance liao ar? heard dat studio wu got musical who join huh? keep me updated k...

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wow... cool costumes Yun! You chose to live your passion and that's it's really turning out great.
Me very sian too... waiting out my notice period but fortunately, tmr is the last day. Yipee!!! Think I'll be nearer to your workplace now Kit, Coz I'm going to NTU so I can go over and disturb you too!!! Haha... *evil Grin*
But you're right 'bout the training though... Ryan may not wanna train us again. But we can all still go Studio Wu together right? You're not alone, my present boss is just as bad... he even uses vulgar language. Am I glad that he'll not part of my everyday life. So long no see... Miss you all... how about a gathering? When's everyone free? I'm free most of next week. =)

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

o.O Kit has flooded the blog~~ O.o;;;;;
btw~ let you guys see wat i did on sunday~ hahahhaha~

dun laugh~

and i made the dress myself~ ^^;;;

Monday, July 05, 2004

Dear all,

Its Derek's Birthday today!
Happy Birthday!

Life's been hell, esp at work. Was utterly humiliated and insulted by boss and had to smile at him some more. Wish I can kill him. Sexual discrimination, nationalilty discrimination and even discrimination for being a married woman.... Arghs.... I hate SAF men....

Talk about equality.... Bleah.... Like real only...

Training again would be good.... but will Ryan still want to teach us? He's been disappointed by us many times.... And he's been busy recently too. Or maybe someone else wants to take over when Ryan's not free? Bryan? Carol? Farah?

Sigh... getting old liao... feel my bones creaking and ready to fall apart.

Angie, when u come Pandan Loop again? Go out for lunch leh... damn sian stuck in this stupid office....

Sunday, July 04, 2004

OMG~ wo bei fa xian le~
i was sian...not bored... can u imagine walking in that bloody uncomfortable costume that doesn't even allow me to bend and sit properly and those killer heels...T.T eight hours a day for four days... i hate that outfit.. it was designed and made by my senior... TnT
Loneliness only in your mind.
It's seems that if training is resumed,
commitment like be only temporary.
yun, are you the black poky girl at Communicasia?
i saw you but was enaged in a call.
very nice costume but you should relax more.
You look lost but cool. =)