Friday, March 24, 2006

Jane ahh.... If the first baby comes from me, then that will be at least about 3 yrs from now.... Unless anyone else wants to be first... I dun mind... hahaha...

Imagine... the first baby... then imagine Ryan teaching him/her popping and locking when he/she is about 5 yrs old.... hehehe.... that will be cute isn't it??

Ryan will have to start a Crazy Children's Children class then....

Work is starting to build up... I'm slowly learning new things and I think its good. At least I learn more things here then back at SFI.

Anyone going to start class at O school yet? I need Kakis leh... if not go there feel a bit strange...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I forgot to watch that show... I purposely went home earlier from work to catch the show but I forgot all about it!!! Drats! Then I ended up thinking why I was home early that day and I accompanied my mother for her walk. My goodness...

Kelvin is so 'encouraging' loh... Tell him that it has hurt your self esteem and your spirit is now broken. You need a larger diamond ring to mend that hurt... hehe... Anywayz, the conversation was very funny and so typical of both of you that I could actually picture both of you talking.

The kids enjoyed the show and it taught them something too... Seeing you on stage really got me reminiscing about the past... (like we're so old...)

I wonder who will have the first baby in our group??? Kit, by any chance?
hello everybody!

looks like everybody caught 'so you think you can dance'... i keep getting the title mixed up... i keep thinking it's 'so you wanna dance'... i wasn't really impressed with the show... NOT ENOUGH DANCING! hahaha... but the variety of people was amazing... and makes me wonder if i would join such a competition if there was an audition in singapore... eep... scary thought... don't think can make it.

right now... so many things going on at one time... and i feel like i am being tugged in all sorts of direction. i'm currently doing school tour with an events company... put up skit for children. and then i have a pending full-time job... currently waiting for my potential employer to get back to me to see if i am hired. and now's the dilemma cos then i'd have to pull out of the next school tour, and i am DAMN scared of my boss la! she scares me la... for reasons unexplained... die die die... all these stupid decisions. makes me realise that i've taken a huge ass detour from what i intended to do when i came back from the states... dance... oh well... hope things get better somehow.

and yes angie, your conversation with kelvin is VERY funny. hahaha. reminding me of the time we all went to zouk after class and like dance on the podium... so fun! hahaha... aiyah... we're old already...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Angie.... Dunno if Kelvin will strangle you for posting that conversation on the web... but its quite funny....

I watched a bit of the "So You Think You Can Dance". Was quite amazed by some of the things they could do.... Inspiring yet demoralizing.... coz I know I'll never be near that level and with all the commitments I have now, dun even know if I'll have the time to try and train.

Nowadays just going for lessons.... Dun see much improvements... Sigh...

Bryan wanted to meet up last week, but I guess everyone was occupied with plans. Maybe one day we need to get everyone out again for dinner or something.... even if its not dancing.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Dear girls,

I came home early to watch "so you think you can dance" today. So inspiring to see these people go for auditions and dance passionately.
There are so many different styles and dancers who made it through, may have average techniques but the onstage performance was engaging. Most of them have good techinque though.

after the 1st audition, they will have to do a cheoreography single and with partner.

Then I remember how Ryan push us to pick up choreography within short time. He was really trying to push us to next level.

Then I was on the phone with Kelvin. relating to him with my thoughts after the show.

So I said.
Angie: "This show really makes me wanna dance. But now I can't really stretch. Last night I was trying to do some stretching and I have downgraded 70%."

Kelvin: "What! Last time you ain't best dancer, but at least you are one of the best stretcher. So lousy! You better start doing something about it!"

Angie: "I think I will go clubbing every weekend! Like this then can improve free style."

Kelvin: " Lan Pa lah! Your freestyle from 8pm to 1am the same!

Angie: "How you know!?"

Kelvin: "I see before lah."

Angie: "Maybe 1 month 1 style? By the 8th month, I got 8 styles!"

Kelvin: "Lan Pa lah! You think I dont know your style meh? No.1 Touch head. No.2 Touch face. No.3 Touch backside. No.4 Touch breast.

End of conversation.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

How's everyone? =)