Friday, July 02, 2004

it is rather lonely in here isn't it?
TRAINING~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chiu2 zhi1 bu3 de2~~~~ ~>.<~ i wan i wan~~
my holidays dun seem like a holiday at all actually~ had been busy with streetfest... and i was at communicasia also~~ wahahhah abut i wasn't dancing of cos~ doing some shitty things there.

i guess i've got good news too~!!!
- i actually saved enough money to buy a mannequin
- revamped my sewing room n i dun have to do my work on the floor again.
- response from my booth at streetfest was great~ (we got profits~!!! we ACTUALLY GOT PROFITS~~~)
- Thanks to sleepless nights and unforgiving lecturers who bug me everytime they see me, my results for yr 2 are the best i've seen since primary school. GPA: 3.65~ ~>.<~
- the japan trip was fantastic, i actually tot that i was a bit more polite when i was there. (hahahhah~)

and here are the bad news:
- have been busy(as usual..) with extra shits...didn't really have the time to "nua"... doing costume for a cosplay event called "cosfest" happening this sunday at downtown east~ and i haven finish making it.
- along with the good response from streetfest came very very critical comments (and may i add "rather personal" ones too)... My ego was crushed for a few days, i quarrelled with my 'business partners' n i questioned if the path i've chosen for myself is right. but no worries, all is well at the moment.
- i'd rather not count the number of months that i haven't been dancing and i deserve to go to hell for that....(wait... i already have a place reserved there for me)
- I'm older. (damn...)

And where the hell is carol? i miss carol... TnT
i saw valerie the other day and farah during streetfest... i miss everyone so much. i miss ryan too. T.T