Friday, January 27, 2006

nooo! he cannot propose yet!
not until braces come off, not until i have bf too! hahahha
lucky you warn us now..i need to 'sing li zun bei' already!!

Anyways, do you all wanna lo hei together, maybe thurs night? SMS everybody no reply le.. why ah why ah why ah?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Angie, so exciting!!! Make sure Mr teo propose in front of us hor... i will bring popocorn and drinks... haha!!! jokes aside, I'm happy for you angie (whether it's a proposal or not, you're gonna get a ring) =)
I agree with Kit... except instead of becoming a ba zhang, I'll probably rip your clothes or get stuck in some wierd "yoga" position. I'm a little off today... time to eat medicine... ciao!
Dear Angie....

Wah... U're next ehh?? Tell Mr Teo must propose in front of us leh!!! Must buy big big diamond ring leh....!!!
Ask Mr Teo need us to help him coordinate a perfect proposal or not?? *wink wink*

U want to rotate clothes?? Aiyoh.... we cannot wear your clothes leh. We'll probably look like Ba Zhang in your clothes......

Monday, January 23, 2006

Dear Friends,

Happy Chinese New Year.
Does anyone have clothes that you dont wear so often and you dont really wanna throw away cos one of these days you might want to wear again?
Well, I do have quite a few such clothes....not exactly super trendy but maybe someone would want to wear it for a few months?
Basically it is a rotation scheme where these clothes are seldom worn or it is not exactly the season of wearing.
We can have a monthly session of meeting at each other's place with clothes to rotate?
What do you think?

Dear friends,

Whahahahaha....yesterday Mr Teo brought me to see ring....
then i say dont propose to me yet leh, nobody see...