Thursday, May 25, 2006

hi all,
wow....carol and daniel are really whoa! watching the youtubes of us also brings back LOADS...of memories. sure hope to dance together once again! thanks gen and angie for posting the links! guess we may have moved on in our lives but doesn't mean we can't move on together eh?though i haven't been arnd here and all, u girls n guys are still very much in my heart. really. i'll be going to aussie for studies for a while so pls keep me posted esp if there's any meet-ups and all yeah?love u all! =)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hi Guys!!! Whoa.. i hvnt been in here for a very long time until i saw xiaoyun's blog... and the links to the youtube thingy... tot i come in for a peep... glad to see this blog still active... im sorry if i hv neglected our little haven for i hv been very busy at work... im really interested in joining dance again... but im afraid i cant find time to do so... i hv pretty long working hours you see... weekdays are definately a no no... but do keep me informed of any updates... take care peeps!