Thursday, May 11, 2006

hey crazychildren!

i'm currently involved in co-ordinating talents for a zoo event but i'm not working for the zoo la. i'm working for an events company the zoo is using for this event. and guess who came to audition as a talent! crazychildrenIVAN!! i was SOOOO happy to see him!

and he told me about our video on youtube! - crazychildren1 (the small pple) - crazychildren2 (the tall pple)

i was feeling so good watching the video and i wished we could all come together and dance again! i hope none of us ever stop dancing since we all know that it's in our hearts and blood...

i love you all so much!

love, gen
Went to see Line dancing... Hmm... all aunties and uncles!!


I will have to look for alternative. Anyone who knows where got younger pple doing line dancing do let me know.

Angie and Jane, that day I saw Jeff on the train with his wife... They ROM liao... living together liao.... In Sengkang. But he still too lazy to dance. Ahaha....

I haven't been dancing much recently... growing lazy. But will start again soon I guess. So Angie and Candy.... how's wedding preps? Need help?? *wink wink*