Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hey Gen!
whaaaaaa when you gonna introduce your bf to us??? =)
Anyway, like to give you some ideas to target some customers I know which may need your bf's services.
No harm knocking at company that has many operators....some of my customers print T-shirt for Family day, or Annual D&D as a gift.
I think Seagate charity golf gives similar goodies bag which requires printing as well.
As for cards, i think the best time to attack is last quarter of the year. Spend some money on nice catalog with great pictures. My company buys printed desktop calendars but not much lah..
You can try to send catalogs during sept-oct period where people orders to send our calenders and cards to customers. TOP favourites:1) Cute animals or cartoon which horoscopes or lucky number kind. 2) Sexy girls. 3) Scenary or cars

My company dont print shirt cos there are only 16 pple and no need to company idenity. Try Motorola, HP and big subcon like Celestica, GES...

Anyway, printing industry is very competitive. it's the price lah.
Good luck...
Maybe you can attack Studiowu and Old School dance studio...
Maybe for a start, you dont mind print small qty like 10-50pcs, fax your company info to schools...ECA group always like to print T-Shirt.

Hello my dear CrazyChildren!!!

I have good news. And I have to apologise first because I'm going to be shamelessly promoting my bf's new business venture.

My boyfriend just set up a Printing Services Company called Media Arts Studio with 2 other partners.

This company offers regular printing services like namecards, flyers, invitation cards etc etc etc. They specialise in Banner & Poster printing... for e.g for company events or functions... or for personal use like at your many many weddings that are coming up (haha)

Also, my bf's specialty in the company is Garment printing. Using a new technology whereby designs are printed directly onto the garments (NO hot press OR iron-on) This ensures that the print/design lasts longer on the tshirts and the colour does not fade. This is suitable for tshirts of all kinds... for fashion, class tshirt, company tshirt, event tshirt etc etc etc

We also have designers working for us in case our clients are unable to design their own tshirt. Preferably if there is some form of rough outline of a specific design, it is easier to work with of course.

When i tell pple about this business, most of them are more concern about the PRICE of the tshirts. Like all businesses, we like to indulge in the economies of scale... means... if you buy MORE... the cost price will be LOWER. Buying in bulk of cos guarantees low and affordable prices and quality is guaranteed. (Please, no one's out to cheat pple of their money. haha) Pricing will have to depend on Quantity ordered, Type of tshirt and the number of Colours used.

I hope i will be able to get support from crazychildren and I hope that if you need any kind of printing services or know someone who is looking for printing svcs... You will recommend Media Arts Studio.

Since he's my bf... of cos i automatically become bao-ka-liao woman la... secretary/personal assistant/marketing manager/pr manager/kopi auntie... everything la... haha... So you can call me (98759871) if you need pple to PRINT your tshirts or banners/posters or WEDDING CARDS!!! hahahaha...

ok, thank you for reading all that. hahaha.