They came by ship Isabella Watson in 1840
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Came to Port Phillip in 1840
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They came by the 'Isabella Watson' as Self-funded and as Bounty Immigrants in 1840

Isabella Watson

arrived 11 Aug 1840, ship, 515 tons, Capt John A McDonald master, from Leith 11 Apr 1840. Have 4 fiche pages, Images 65-66, 11 August arrived ship, 515 tons, McDonald master, from Leith 11 Apr.Image Scotland 102-3
Passengers Cabin - Mr and Mrs Anderson and family, Mr and Mrs Henderson with masters T and W, Misses M and E; Miss M Hogg, Captain J Reid, Mrs M Reid, Masters John, William Reid, S and Agnes Reid,
Messrs W Ogilvie, James Laurence, John Carfrae, J Miller, J Bland, C Pentland, and W Jennings MD; 41 bounty emigrants (30 to proceed to Mr Thomas Barker's estate in Sydney and the other 10 to a gentleman in Geelong) and 40 steerage - , have 61 names.
The 'Isabella Watson' was a wooden vessel of 514 tons, built in 1840 on dimensions of 118.4 x 25.5 x 18.4 feet.
Had 5 couples, 8 single women and 1 single man, bounty 342 pounds for 19 adults. There was no payment for the 7 children, who came at parent's expense. Problem over who is to receive Bounty seems to include some of the Steerage passengers. 10m and 12 f remained in Melbourne, 26 wanted to go to Sydney.

ShipCouplesfemalesmanCabinInterSteerageNot listed Staff


Isabella Watson 5817142036296

The Bounty names

Elizabeth Brown 22
Jane Conduit/Cundell 18
William Dickson 29
John Dishington family
Alexander Donaldson family
James Everett family
Margaret Fleming 20
William Graham family
Janet Haggins 23
John Haggins 22
Agnes Humiston/Hermiston26
J Surg Supt Jenkins -
Michael Johnson 23
Catherine Jones 31
Mary Kean 24
James Lundie family
John Martyn 19
Agnes Mckenzie 17
William Moffat family
Margaret Nesbit 24
W Mr Ogilvie
Agnes Oman/Ormond24
Andrew Orphant family
William Paterson 21
George Rankin 22
William Richardson 22
George Taylor 21
Janet Wighton 17

Reported Tues 18 Aug - The Cabin passengers of the Isabella Watson entertained Captain Macdonald, the commander of that vessel, to dinner in the Lamb Inn yesterday, ...and presented to him a piece of plate bearing the inscription 'Presented to Mr J A Macdonald ... in testimony of his general propriety of conduct as a commander'.

8 Sep cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo, passengers Messrs Mr OConnell, Mr McArthur, Mr Manton, Mr Ryrie, Miller, Mr J Lorimer, Pentland, Ogilvie, and Mr Jenkins, Judge Donithorne/Donnithorne, Mrs Ley and 38 in the steerage.

Arrival in Sydney reported Sep 25.
Arrived 12 Nov, from Sydney 1st inst, Passengers Mr and Mrs George and child, Mr Stevens and family, Mr and Mrs Dutton, Dr Bernard, Messrs Leadbeater and Owen, 18 in the steerage
21 Nov cleared for Singapore, in ballast.

On 21 March 1852, 'Isabella Watson', inward bound from London with 50 passengers arrived off Port Phillip Bay. The vessel stood in for the entrance, but in smooth water struck a submerged reef off Point Nepean, losing her rudder and becoming unmanageable. As her masts went over the side, a lifeboat, containing the captain and ten passengers left the ship. It capsized immediately, drowning nine occupants. At dawn a pilot vessel landed the remaining passengers and crew.

Andromache, China, Coromandel, Glenhuntley, Himalaya, Here John Bull, Orient, Theresa

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