They came by ship in 1840 - Andromache
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Came to Port Phillip in 1840
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They came on the Andromache
as Self-funded and as Bounty Immigrants in 1840


arrived 24 June 1840 ship, Thomas New, Commander, from England 28 Feb 1840 to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers]
Fiche 9, page 136 Have 7 fiche pages, Images b45-53, with Superintendent Dr George Harvey surgeon-superintendent.
Advertisement from The Times, 4 Jan 1840
Passage to Australia - The ship Andromache, of 600 tons burden, Thomas New, Commander, will sail from Gravesend on the 16th, and from Plymouth the 24th of February, direct for Port Philip and Sydney. The ship Theresa, of 650 tons burden, Walter Young, (late H.C.S.) Commander, will sail from Gravesend on the 15th, and from Plymouth the 23rd of March, direct for Port Philip and Sydney. These are first class ships, have poops, and the first order of accommodations for cabin, intermediate, and steerage passengers, will carry experienced surgeons, and sail with strict punctuality. Apply to John Marshall, 26 Birchin-lane, Cornhill. These ships load at the New Jetty, London Docks.

The Andromache, a 468 ton Barque owned by John Marshall, sailed 28-2-1840 from London for a 113 day passage, collected passengers at Plymouth where Mrs Rebecca Usher died at Plymouth, and arrived Melbourne 24-6-1840. Carried 21 paying passengers, 210 steerage passengers, merchandise and Port of Origin cargo. (Victorian Shipping Arrivals and Departures. Syme).

24 June arrival with passengers, Cabin -
Thomas M Marshall with wife, Misses Mary and Sarah, and Master Foster Marshall, Mr and Mrs Thomas Ryder, Mr Usher with sisters Maria and Frances Usher,
Messrs William Brodie/Bradin, Henry Deeves/Davis, Chas Earle, William Hardy, Deeves, Earle, Hardy, not in paper, on passenger list - Francis Fisher and John Morris Fisher,
Intermediate - Mr Charles Creswick, Mr Henry Creswick, Miss Elizabeth Creswick and Miss Maria Creswick, Mr and Mrs TH Middleton,

Page 127 - Bounty passengers, supervised by Doctor George Harvey, recorded as 93 souls in 32 families, 60 single females and 43 single men, total 196 passengers plus paying passengers - Cabin 17, Intermediate 6 and 13 Steerage.
Includes Eliza Strickland aged 14 not eligible for Bounty because she was not part of a family.
Bounty was paid for those eligible who landed in Sydney instead of in Melbourne.
The government bounty of 3071 pounds paid to Mr John Marshall at the sum of 18 pounds each adult. John Marshall was an agent for "The Committee for promoting the Emmigration of Single Women", a committe that was set up by the British government in 1834 to endeavour to rectify the great shortage of single women in the Australian colonies.

ShipCouplesParentsDau-15Dau-7Dau+1Infantsson+1 sons-7sons-14 FamiliesFemalesMen


Andromache16156185117 0936043196


Cabin17Inter6Steer5 Staff2Total37Diedu

The Bounty names
Shem Acksford/Acksfon family
Mary A Alexander 18
Edward Barry 20
Eliza Barry 18
John Barry 24
Richard Barry family
Abraham Bass family
Ann Bell 18
Alice Bill 18
Anna Binnel 22
Ann Bishop 19
Mary Blackburn 16
Michael Blackburn 21
John Bolsten 27
Eliza Brown 19
William Brown 21
Timothy Burke/Bourke 24
William Burke 27
Alexander Capstin 20
Margaret Carter 18
Moses Cavanagh family
Winifred Cavanagh 25
William Ford Cleland family
Bridget Coffee 19
Ellen Corgan 20
Jeremiah Crowley 22
Margaret Curtis
Thomas Curtis family
Robert Cuthbert family
Anne Davis 22
Mary Davis 18
Henry Delay family
John Desmond 24
Biddy Dodd/Dod 16
George Dodd 29
Jane Dodd/Dodds 16
John Dodd/Doods 26
Margaret Dodd/Dod 22
Matilda Dodd 22
William Dodd/Dadds 20
Julia Donahue/Donehoo 23
Alexander Donaldson 24
Richard Donovan 24
Mary Dowal/Dowan 21
Margaret Dwyer 21
Thomas Dwyer family
John Edney 19
Ann Elsey
James Elsey 25
Emily Etheridge 20
Michael Fahey family
Ann Farrell 20
Elizabeth Finch/Linnet 19
Edmund Fitzgerald and Cath
Edmund Fitzgerald, Julia and family
Edmund Fitzpatrick 25
Mary Fitzpatrick 20
Mary Force 18
Joseph Gibson 26
Fanny Gole 20
Susannah Green 21
Kenemhappuch Hales/Halis 29
William Hall family
William Hand family
Benjamin Hare 29
Margaret Harlahan/Hulahan 20
Mary F Hebert/Hebbert 14
Mary Henty/Henley 28
Elizabeth Hitchcook 20
Peggy Hogan 19
James Kearney 21
Margaret Kearney 23
Matilda Kerr 21
Ann Kleys 20
William Laven 24
Ann Laydon 17
Catherine Laydon 26
James Lee family
Elizabeth Lopp 25
Ellen Lowther 20
Joseph Lowther 22
Mary Magrath 21
Thomas Magrath family
Jeremiah Maher family
Daniel Mainy family
Hannah Mcarty / Mccarty 26
John Mcarty / Mccarty 25
Bridget Mcelroy/Mcenroy 22
Ann Mcintire 26
John Mckee family
John Mcormick / Mccormick 29
James M Midway family
James Miles 27
Owen Monaghan family
Mary Moran 25
Patrick Mulcra/Mulcra family
Margaret Mulcre/Mulcare 22
Honora Neil 20
John Neil/Neal 26
Mary Neil 19
William Neil family
Peter Nicoll 27
William Nicoll family
Cornelius Obrien 28
Michael Obrien 28
Timothy Obrien 23
Charlotte Pearse/Pierce 16
George Pemberton family
John Quinlan 24
Humphrey Richardson 22
Harriet Ridley 19
Sarah Ridley 16
Thomas Roberts family
William Robertson
Timothy Rourke / Bourke 24
Patrick Ryan 24
Bridget Sergan/Sirgan 19
Patrick Shaughessy 26
William Shaughnessy family
Biddy Shaugnassen 21
Thomas Sheridan 20
George Silvester/Sillince family
Bernard Smith 18
Margaret Smith 24
Mary Smith 26
Philip Smith 23
Thomas Stephens/Stevens family
Tobiah Stewart/Stuart 28
Eliza Strickland 14
Peter Tapp 22
Henry Taylor 24
Elizabeth Thomas 21
Sarah Thomas 24
Elizabeth Thompson 20
James Walsh/Welsh family
Timothy Whealen 23
George White 21
Olivia White 22
William White 21
Henry Wills/Wells family
John Wood 23
Mary Wood 18
James Woods family

"The Somerset Years", by Florence Chuk, page 44 begins a chapter on the Andromache, with a description of the voyage - it was recorded as being 'pleasantly uneventful'.
Has notes on Shem and Mary Ann Axford, William and Johanna Hall, names Ann Bishop, Mary Davis and Elizabeth Thomas as also from Somerset.
Arrival in winter-time Melbourne was an unpleasant surprise - wet, muddy and unmade streets, tents for accommodation, cold and windy.

11 went on to Sydney - Date of departure 29/07/1840 to port Sydney, arrived from Port Phillip 02/08/1840, Curtis family of 4 - Thomas 37 with Mary Ann 29, Robert 16 and Margaret 18, Joseph and Jane Gibson, Hannah McCarty, Peter and Margaret Nicholl, Wm Robertson, Eliza Strickland
Sydney Gazette for Tues 4 Aug 1840, page 2, lists the passengers from Port Phillip as Dr Harvey, Dr Martin amd Dr McMillan Mr Usher and two Miss Ushers, Mr and Mrs Stevens, Mr and Mrs Macquoid, Rev Mr Coghan,
Messrs Wilson, Stevens, Arrowsmith, Beattie, Sheirham, Keihan, Rankin, Ayre, Wright, J Stevens, Bell, Hunter, Jeffries, Hogue, Cunnington, Brown, Montefiores, Ryder, Earle, Brodie, and Hardy; also 30 in the steerage. Hard to identify these as only surnames are listed.

Here China, Coromandel, Glenhuntley, Himalaya, Isabella Watson, John Bull, Orient, Theresa

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