They came by ship in 1840 - Coromandel
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Came to Port Phillip in 1840
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They came by the 'Coromandel' as Self-funded and as Bounty Immigrants in 1840


arrived 10 July 1840, ship, 650 tons, William Loader/Lobbin master, from London 4 Jan and Plymouth 10 Jan 1840 to reach Port Phillip. The three-masted, ship Coromandel was built in 1834 in Canada. The Rootsweb account of arrival in New Zealand reports Emigrants embarked from St Katherine's Docks 9th Dec 1839 at 4 o'clock
(New South Wales State Records Port Phillip Arrivals Index 1839-51, Reel 2143A.) Have Vic list as 10 fiche pages, has families including children, but hard to read. NSW Images 54-57, only list adults, missed page families number 13-30, Vic list 49-88
Biggest families are Cabin passengers Dr Wilmot with 5 chn, John and Bridget Molan with 4.

Bounty 190 people - 34 families with 95 souls, 1249 pounds, 30 single men, 540 pounds, 46 single women 828 pounds. Extra list of 19 people who were put on a special list, bounty later approved.
67 Paying passengers - 35 males, 18 females, 13 chn. Cabin 34 - 12m 9f 13chn, Intermediate 10 - 8m 2f, Steerage 24 - 12m, 6f, 6chn.
Total 256 named, crew unknown, 171 bounty plus 19 behaviour problems plus 66 paid own fare, and 44 passengers for New Zealand. Newspaper list varies from record in Victorian archives.

34 Passengers Cabin Captain Carmichael, Miss Jane Devereux, Captain A and Mrs Grant, Mr J Hay, Miss Hay and Isabella Hay, Dr John Meyers with wife and infant, Mr Charles Miles, Mr Hy Porter 20, Dr Forster Shaw with wife Ellen (dau of StL Webb) and infant dau Eliza.
Major Frederick Berke StJohn with wife and son and dau, Major St Laurence Webb (45th regiment), Miss Caroline Webb, Master St Laurence Webb 16, George Webb 14, William Webb 11 and Richard Webb 7, Mr Wheeler and Hy Wheeler
Dr WB Wilmot with wife and Julia 6, Maria 5, Emily 4, Fanny 2 amd William 1,
10 Intermediate - Miss Harrick/Warrick, Miss Mary Britton/Breton, Mr Christie, Mr Ed Dunn, Mr H Eatwood, Mr Chas Ettershaw, Mr Higinbotham, Mr Mumford, Mr Alfd Smith, Mr P E Turner,
15 male and 7 female Steerage Passengers William Bertram, Mr John Boston, James Burrick, Robert Cadden and Grace Cadden, Revd Wm Comrie, Thomas Griffiths, Mr Hoy and wife, Margaret Johnston with William 16, Jane 8 and Robert Brown 3, Dennis Nihill, Henry Walker with Mary and Edward 3, Anne Webb with Eliza Jane 4 and George 2, William Willoughby, George Willsmore,

ShipCouplesParentsDau+15 Dau+7Dau+1Infantsson+1 sons+7sons+14Familiesfemalesmen


Coromandel1915138673 1924830170


Cabin34Inter10Steer23 StaffunTo Sydney21Total88

The Bounty names

Nancy Allan
Ann Appleby
John Armstrong family
William Armstrong family
Samuel Atchison/Achison family
George Bertram family
William Blundell
John/James Britton family
William Broomfield family
Michael Carrol
Catharine Carter
Thomas Carter family
Maurice Clancy family
Margaret Code
Mary Conner
Michael Coolahan family
Donald Corbatt
Johanna Corbett
Sophia N Corby
John Costelloe family
Helen Cowan
Jane Cowan
Emelia Croft .
William Crookshank
Nancy Cunningham
Ellen Delaney
Thomas Dolan
Sarah Downes
H Mr Eascoe
Thomas Fagen
Bridget Fagin
Eliza Fagin
Emily Falkiner
Catharine Faloon
Robert Faloon
John Furminger
Alice Gleeson
Archibald Graham
Thomas Hand family
Brian/Bernard Hanlan family
Martin Hayes
Bridget Healy
John Hempstead
John Hender family
John Hepburn family
Judy Hooligan
Caroline Ann Hooper
George Jackson family
Samuel Jeffrey family
William Johnston 16
Andrew Jones family
Ann Jordan
Mary Joyce
Patrick Joyce
Mary Jane Keys
William Keys
William Oliver King
John Kinrock
Henry Larcomba
Patrick Leahy
Richard Lewis family
Catherine Manning
Bridget Marony
Mary Mason
James Mathews
Rose Marry Mathews
Elizabeth May
Mr May family
John Maylan family
Robert Mcgowan
Susan Mcinerbery
Michael Mclarkin
James Milligan family
Bridget Mite
Daniel Molan
John Molan family
Margaret Molan
Michael Molan
Hugh Montgomery
John Morrison family
Joseph Morrison family
Thomas Moylen
Patrick Mulhar
Ann Murray
Bridget Murray
Rob Murray
William Murray family
Nora Nihil
Bessy Ograby
Patrick Ohara
Honora Oneill
James Parlew family
Patrick Parlew family
Catharine Pearline
John Pike
William Portins family
Margaret Powlett
Jane Pulvertaft
Anne Jane Purveyance
Catherine Purveyance
Thomas Quinn family
Catherine Reardon
Mary Reardon
Maryann Reardon
Robert Shaw family
Philip Shea family
Catharine Shelly
George Slater family
Robert Smith family
Sarah Stevenson
George Stokes
Mary Stokes
Martin Sullivan family
Richard Tobin
James/Charles Tomkens family
Anne Tregonin
Miss Warrick
Fanny Watts
Julia Welsh
Patrick Welsh
James Whitby
Mary Whittill
Margaret Write
Sarah Write

"The Somerset Years", by Florence Chuk, page 46 begins a chapter on the Coromandel, with a description of the voyage - it was recorded as being 'difficult'.
After leaving Plymouth, she encountered very heavy gales in Bay of Biscay and was detained six weeks, while 17 vessels in her vicinity were lost. She called at St Jago in the Cape Verde Islands, and later at the Cape of Good Hope to replenish supplies. This resulted in the immigrants reaching Melbourne in good health.
Has notes on William and Elizabeth Broomfield, Thomas and Mary Ann Carter, and Caroline Hooper of Somerset.
11 August, Coromandel sails for Sydney with passengers Captain Grant, Mrs Grant and child, Miss, Miss I and Mr J Hay, Captain Carmichael, Mr Eascoe. Intermediate Miss Harrick. 26 in Steerage, and part of her original cargo from London.

Bounty passengers who went to Sydney are Nancy Allan 19, Samuel Atchison 30, Rebecca Atchison 28, Catherine Atchison 6, Isabella Atchison 4, Robert Cadden 30, Grace Cadden 24, Sophia N Corby 29, Charlotte Furmayer 29, John Furminger 26, Martin Hayes 27, Catherine Manning 23, Bridget Marony 24, James Mathews 23, Susan Mcinerbery 22, Ann Murray 20, Bridget Murray 19, Catharine Pearline 20, Anne Jane Purveyance 25, Catherine Purveyance 23

19 Aug, reported in Stream, ready to sail for India

Port Phillip reported - Sat 27 Aug - departed on Thursday, Ship Coromandel, Captain Ryan, with sundries, passengers Mr Walker, Mr Guyrton, Mr Earp, Mr Ridgways, Honorable H Petrie, Major Baker, Mr Blyth, Mr Ball, Mr Leisk, Mr Smith, Mr Crawford, Mr Evans, Mr Foster, Mr Mires and 14 in the steerage.
2 Sep arrived Sat 29 Aug from Port Phillip whence she sailed 23rd, Captain Lobban, with passengers Captain Grant, Lady and child, Mr and two Misses Hay, Mr Enscoe, Captain Carmichael, Dr Wilmot, Miss Harrick and 28 in the steerage, about to discharge cargo
9 Sep reported ad East side of cove, Sydney, refitting, also 16th,

Sep 23 reported The Coromandel from this port, had arrived at Port Nicholson Left London 13 Dec 1839, Arrived Port Nicholson, New Zealand 29 Aug 1840 with 44 passengers, Captain Edward French, Surgeon Dr Alston, and from Sydney 200 sheep, 20 bullocks, 4 horses.
Pilcher notes record they arrived in New Zealand in August 1840 on the 'Coromandel' and passengers included Stephen Pilcher, his children, Susan aged 17, Stephen aged 11 and John aged 8, and also his future wife, widow Bennett Mather Hook and her children, Rachael aged 12, Emily aged 8 and Friend aged 5. This family is also on my Pioneers site.

From Rootsweb the Coromandel arrived in New Zealand with Captain: Edward French Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Alston, 12 Cabin and 9 families with 22 chn, and Elizabeth Green. In Steerage:- J. and A. Annear; T. C. Butler; E. Cherry: Green; B. Hook; J. and M. Pawson; Stephen Pilcher; Susan Pilcher; E. and A. Swallow; and E. A. Walsh, Walker
Brett's Early History of New Zealand and N.Z. Journal, 27/2/1841, quoted other names, (the Cabin passengers) viz: Major Baker; Dr. Beardmore; Messrs. Crawford, Minet, Bligh, Walker, Boles, G. B. Earp, Jas. R. Foster, Wm. Guyton, Isaac Ridgway, Jas. Smith and the Hon. H. Petre. One death occurred on Board.

Sydney's 'Commercial Journal' Nov 14 reports the departure of barque Coromandel for Port Phillip on Saturday last, with sundries. Passengers Mr and Mrs Williams, Mr and Mrs Strode, Mrs Sewell, and Mr Langhorne, 3 in the steerage
Port Phillip reported - 18 Nov arrived from Sydney on 7th inst, same list of passengers
22 Dec cleared for Swan River. Passengers Mr and Mrs Dutton and female servant, Messrs Enscoe, Taylor, and Thompson, 9 in steerage

Andromache, China, Here Glenhuntley, Himalaya, Isabella Watson, John Bull, Orient, Theresa

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