They came by ship China in 1840
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Came to Port Phillip in 1840
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They came by the 'China' as Self-funded and as Bounty Immigrants in 1840


arrived 2 May 1840 at Port Phillip from London via Plymouth 27 Nov 1839 and Cape of Good Hope, 620 tons, Alexander Robertson, commander, the voyage taking approximately six months with a total of 219 immigrants.
The China was short of fresh water, so called in at Capetown 26 Feb 1840 till 1 March

Images b38-44, Do not have Vic records. Bounty of 18 pounds per adult, 15 for Charles Tugday aged 17, 10 for each brother aged 13 and 10, 5 for Mary Ann Harding aged 4, suggesting parents paid for food for the other 7 children inchuding Rosalena Tugday 6 and Elizabeth Harding aged 2.

David Stolworthy Esq Surgeon Superintendent with 150 Bounty immigrants in his care. Bounty of 2470 pounds was paid for 52 single women, 25 single men and 29 families of 73 souls. Passenger John Dickins acted as the ship's butcher during the journey.

Passengers Cabin - Rev John Vaughan, Mr and Lady Dawson, Mr and Mrs Kirby, Miss Mary Kirby, (Mr Kirby junior and six brothers and sisters travelled Intermediate), Mr and Mrs Selby, Messrs John Grainger junior, Richard Harnett/Harriet, Thomas Mcnab/Macnab, William Macnab, Alfred Meyrick, HH Meyrick, Patrick Mitchell, James Neate,
Intermediate Mr and Mrs Dawson, Mr and Mrs Mansergh/Mansago, Mr and Mrs Rolleston, Miss Susan Templeton, Mr Quinan, Mr Christie, Mr Cummins, Mr Kirby junior and six brothers and sisters.
42 names may be self-paid steerage, those in Cabin and Intermediate areas paid more, got their names in the paper.

Freight list begins - 50 barrels pork, 10 hogsheads Geneva, ends - Shipped at Cape of God Hope, 101 hbds 25 quarter-casks Cape wine, 1 case preserves, 2 cases dried fruits, PW Welsh & Co,

ShipCouplesParentsDau+15 Dau+7Dau+1Infantsson+1 sons+7sons+14Familiesfemalesmen


China237015501 3735225150


Cabin18Inter17Steer10 Staff2Others29Total76

"Perilous Journeys to the New Land" by Michael Cannon, mentions some names not otherwise found - Simpson with wife and 6 chn, James Hooper a missionary, Mr Hill who became insane, John Lear whose baby and wife both died.
"Perilous Journeys to the New Land" by Michael Cannon, page 32 begins an extensive account based on a diary kept by William Snow, and makes the comment 'but Dr Stolworthy did not include this in his report to the Melbourne authorities' (he wanted to be paid his Gratuity)

On 4 Dec we encountered stormy weather, the ship's jib boom was caried away, the cuddy cook slipped and broke his arm, and an Irishman was engaged to take his place.
On 8 Dec an Irish labourer named Simpson died, leaving a widow, two sons and four daughters. James Hooper, a missionary travelling as cabin passenger, read the burial service, with the night wind howling.
On 15 Dec a lower-deck female was found hiding in the forecastle 'with the sailors', and as a punishment their daily issue of grog was stopped.
On 24 Dec one of the dairy cows died and was thrown overboard. Christmas dinner next day consisted of pork, plum pudding, wine and gin, and a dance on the quarter deck. Passengers were finding the weather stifling.
At the end of April we spent three days beating about outside Port Phillip Heads, waiting for a favourable wind to take us through. The child of Mrs John Lear (otherwise listed as Tear) died, and she continues in a dying state. She was buried on arrival at Williamstown.

The Bounty names

Charlotte/Elizabeth Abbott
M Ann Arnold
Margaret Banes/Baymes
Mary Ann Banes/Baymes
Henry P Beaton
Emanuel Bell and family
Mary Boulster
Ann Brady
Catherine Brady
Thomas Brooker and family
John Bruce/Burn
Ellen Buckley/Binkley
William Buckley
James Cantwell
Thomas Carew and family
William Carroll
Peter Carson
Charlotte Cook
Stephen Cook
Mary Cormack/Cormick
Henry Crosson and family
Bridget Curten
Martha Dartnell
John Dickins
William Donallon and family
Catherine Donlin
Baldwin Doolan and family
Elizabeth Dorran
Mary Drenning
John Dunkley
Catherine Dwyer
Nora Enright
Catherine Fahey
James Farmer and family
Henry Farrell
Mary Fitsimmon
Martha Fitzgerald
Mary Anne Fitzgerald
Michael Flynn and family
Patrick Gallagher
Margaret Gardiner/Godiver
Samuel Gorman
Michael Haly and family
Charles Harding and family
Margaret Hinds
Mathew Hoare
James Hooper
Henry Horter and family
Margaret Jackson
Ann Johnson
Laurence Kelly and family
Mary Kelly 19
Bridget Kennison
Elizabeth Kennison
M Kirwan
P Kirwan
Steven Latcham
Elizabeth Lear
Elise Mlle Legard
Bridget Loman
Frances Loman
Judy Loman
Michael Loman
William Long
Bernard Loughneagh
Michael Lyons and family
John Maloney
John Martin
Peter Mathews and family
Thomas Maxwell and family
Elizabeth Mcguire
Patrick Mcminamin and family
Honor Mcneil
Winifred Meara
Margaret Milligan
Mary Mitchell
Catherine Mulhare/Mulhair
Honora Mulhare/Mulhair
Joseph Mulhare/Mulhair
Owen Mulhare/Mulhair
Ellen Mulholland
James Mullen and family
Mary Nolan
Thomas Parkson
Joseph Passmore and family
John Paynton
William Peaton
Anne Peyton
Catherine Phelan 15
James Phelan family
James Phelan 20
John Phelan 18
Ann Pilkinton
Joseph Riley
Jane Roe/Rae
Lee Rowan and family
Bridget Ryan
R Seale and family
Isaac Sherrard
Ellen Shine
Anna Simpson
Charlotte Smith
William Snow and family
William Sparrow and family
John Stephenson
C Steward and family
Henry StIvins/Avins and family
Dr Surg Supt Stolworthy
Timothy Sullivan
Catherine Taylor
John Tear and family
Daniel Thompson and family
Charles Tugday and family
Ellen Wallace
Thomas Walsh/Welsh and family
Thomas Wede/Wide and family
Thomas Wilson and family
William Wilt and family
Thomas Wright

"The Somerset Years", by Florence Chuk, page 43 begins a chapter on the China, with a description of the voyage.
Has notes on Henry Beaton, Emanuel Bell, Charlotte Cook, Stephen Cook, Charles and Anne Harding, Henry and Anna Horter, from Somerset.
Comments that communal life for the Bounty passengers was very crowded - with box-like beds six feet wide, shared by 2 couples, with a dividing wall down the middle.
The account ends - The China sailed through the Heads without a pilot, anchoring off Gelibrand Point at Hobson's Bay, where an immigrant from the ship was buried.
On page 44, Florence Chuk, records that at the time of the China's departure, the firm of Edgington and Co if Old Kent Rd, was advertising 'Australian and New Zealand cottages' weighing less than 4cwt, which may be erected in two hours.

Cleared 23 May for Sydney in ballast, ship, 658 tons, Robertson master, Passengers (from England) Dr Stolworthy, Rev Mr Vaughan, Messrs Grainger and Harriet/Harnett, (from Port Phillip) - Mr Allanton, Mr Balcombe, Mr Graham, Mr Kerwell, Mr Ravenshaw Mr Schewell, and 31 in steerage

Andromache, Here Coromandel, Glenhuntley, Himalaya, Isabella Watson, John Bull, Orient, Theresa

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