They came by the Himalaya 1840
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Victoria before 1840
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Arrivals in 1839, 1840, 1841,

They came by the 'Himalaya'
as Self-funded and as Bounty Immigrants in 1840

Himalaya arrived 30 Sep 1840.
Have 6 fiche pages, Images 67-73, Fiche 9, page 203 - 281 Bounty passengers - 31 families with 80 souls, 32 males and 57 females, paid 2812 pounds.
Cabin 7m and 5f, Intermediate 20m and 10f

Report - Port Phillip Herald, 1 Oct. Himalaya arrived, barque, 477 tons, Burn master, from London via Plymouth 20 June, Passengers Cabin Mr and Mrs Long and 6 chn, Mr and Mrs Delamore and Mr Mansell, Intermediate Mr and Mrs Langford and 2 dau, Mrs Harling, Mr and Mrs Wethers, Messrs Tapp, Jonce, Atkinson, Delaney, Barlow, Worth, Ross, Boyd, Bell, Pepper, and Gaulter, steerage 30 families, 28 single males, 58 single females

Master Hew Burn, barque, 477 tons, arrived 30 Sep 1840, Left Plymouth 29 June 1840 with Surgeon Superintendednt Mr Monk. Have 6 fiche pages, Images 67-73,
Himalaya 1840 constructed in Sutherland, owned by E Arthur, registered in London, a barque sheated in yellow metal.
Passengers 7m, 5f in Cabin - Dr Long and Mrs DL Long and 3 daus and 3 sons, Mr and Mrs T W Mr Dallimore and Mr E E Maunsell,
Intermediate 20m, 10f -
William and Mrs Burns, Mr Pat and Mrs Hamilton, Captn and Mrs Hargrave, Mrs Harlin/Harling, Mr and Mrs G W Langford and 3 dau, son, Mr and Mrs Jason Withers/Wethers,
Messrs Robert Mr Allen, William Ames 59, Mrs Anderson 50 Chas Atkinson, Edw Barlow, R Bell, Edwd Boyd/Balme, Henry Chas Boyd, Henry Coulter/Gaulter, Thos Delany, Henry Jones/Jonce, Henry Mr North, John Mr Pepper, John Mr Ross, Joseph P Tapp,

The Bounty names

Robert Affleck 19
Ellen Anderson 21
Samuel Anderson family
Jane Baden 20
Andrew Balfour family
Edwin Baxter 22
John Beatie family
Mary Beatie/Beattie 21
William Beattie/Beale 19
Bridget Briton/Breton 26
John Brown 27
W John Browne 29
John Bryce 21
James Campbell 25
Bridget Carden 16
Bridget Cavenagh/Kavanagh 29
Charles Chandler 18
Harriet Chandler 19
John Chivers family
Findlay Clark/Clarke 19
Charles Coates/Coatts 24
Margaret Coleman 25
Anthony Connell/Connel 24
Simon Connor 28
Katherine Coss 26
Bridget Costaghan 25
Charles Coutts 24
Michael Crich 21
James Cumings family
Jane Cumings 28
Jane Dawson 19
Judy Doran 27
Margaret Dowd 21
Bridget Doyle 21
Margaret Drennan 21
David Drysdale 21
Bridget Dunbar 19
Anthony Dunn/Dwyer 24
Michael Dunn 27
James Dunsdon 28
Johanna Flaherty 20
Thomas Foley 18
Barbara Forbes 21
William Fullarton family
Catherine Goss 26
Phoebe Graham 26
Eliza Green/Grun 26
Thomas Gregory family
Pat Mr Hamilton family
Charlotte Hampton/Plempton 24
Margaret Hanlon 28
Mary Hayes 16
Edward Haynes 25
William Robert Hincks 20
Mary Honeyan/Horigan 19
Mary Horigan/Howgan 18
Miles Howell family
Jane Hussey 23
Elizabeth James 21
Ellen Jenkinson/Jenkison 20
Mary Jane Jenkinson/Jenkison 20
William Johnston 18
Mary Jordan 22
Bridget Kearnan/Kernan 23
John Kelly family
Joseph Kelly family
Mary Kelly 19
Eliza Kerwan 22
Patrick Lacy 21
William Lang 29
Joseph Lee family
Margaret Lister 19
Martin Henry Long
William Long family
Michael Lynch/Chrich 28
Rosanna Lynch 21
Francis Magill family
Eliza Marsh 18
William Marshall family
Riest Martin 20
Robert Martin 25
Ellen Mcewen/Mckeown 25
William Mcgrath/Magrath family
John Mcmillan family
Mary Monaghan 25
Matthew Monaghan 18
Cornelius Moore 20
William Moore 22
Edward Murphy family
John Nolan family
Eliza Norwin 22
Biddy Parton/Carden 16
Thomas Porter family
John/George Ratley family
Thomas Rees 24
Martin Roach family
Henry Roberts family
Mary Roberts 20
Catherine Samwell 22
Abigail Savage 21
Mary Savage 18
Peter Scott family
Abraham Searle/Sirle family
Sidney Seymour family
James Smith 22
Robert Stanlake family
George Stewart family
Honorah Sullivin 20
Alice Suppell 21
William Talbot family
Anne Trainer 22
John Transton family
Marian Treadway 19
F Le Poer Mr Trench
George Vagg family
Frederick Vantravers 23
Jane Ward 22
Oliver Welsh/Walsh family
George Wildish family
Edward Williamson family
William Wilson 23

"The Somerset Years", by Florence Chuk, page 66 begins a chapter on the Himalaya, with a description of the voyage.
She mentions a dispute some emigrants had - wanting to board when their luggage was loaded at St Katherine's Dock, instead of having to wait till after the Government Inspection at Gravesend, then to be taken to the moored vessel by a small steamship.
Has notes on John and Margaret Chivers, James and Harriet Commins, George and Anne Vagg, and names John and Eliza McMillan as also from Somerset.
The Himalaya was a small, new vessel purchased by her 27 year old Master, Hew Burn. On arrival, it had achieved the best passage time from Plymouth to Port Phillip, of any vessel to this date.

15 Oct cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo from London, Passengers Mr and Mrs Strode, Major Lettsom, Messrs Bowman and Leman, 8 in steerage and 10 prisoners

In 1840, Daniel Rutter Long (1804-1886), his wife Helen (1804-1906) and their six children arrived in Melbourne from England on the barque Himalaya. The were accompanied on the journey by Mrs Long’s brother Henry Gilbert Jones and her nephew William R Hinks. The family landed at Sandridge (now Port Melbourne) and were rowed ashore by Wilbraham Liardet in his whaling boat ‘ferry’. Helen’s brother, Henry was to become medical dispenser to the aboriginals of Melbourne (or Western Port District) and also produced a remarkable suite of 12 etchings around 1841 – probably the first in Victoria – showing various views of early Melbourne.
The son of a chemist and druggist, Daniel Rutter Long had completed a seven year apprenticeship with fellow Quaker Jacob Bell, founder of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. In Melbourne, he worked first as a surgeon’s assistant in Collingwood and, by 1841, was managing the pharmacy of Dr Wimott, the first coroner in Port Phillip. Long was also an artist of “inconsiderable talent who painted hundreds of scenes in oils” of Victoria and surrounding colonies. In 1843, he established his own pharmacy in Bourke Street where Governor LaTrobe’s family were among his clientele.
Jason WITHERS (17.1.1815 Baydon,Wiltshire; bp?18.6.1815 -21.1.1881 Ullina Station, Chiltern, Victoria, Australia) According to Jason PALMER (384285223) he went to Australia on his own & decided his brothers should join him. They brought workers and stock. After getting married, arrived 30.9.1841 at Port Phillip as Intermediate Passengers on the Himalaya. (Sarah Ann was b 22.1.1841 at sea.)
Robert Stanlake of Saltwater River and Pakenham South (1817-1896).
Two of Victoria’s earliest pioneers, Robert Stanlake and his wife, Jane Webber, arrived in the Port Phillip District of New South Wales upon the “Himalaya” in 1840. Initially employed by His Honour Charles Joseph La Trobe, the Superintendent of the Port Phillip District, they afterwards settled in Melbourne where Robert worked as a carter.
George Vagg 1840 - 30th September. George Vagg (Aged 21, Farm servant, Protestant, Literate) and Ann his wife (aged 18, Nursery Maid, Literate) arrive in Port Phillip, Australia, aboard the Himalaya. From "The Somerset Years" by Florence Chuk.

Andromache, China, Coromandel, Glenhuntley, Here Isabella Watson, John Bull, Orient, Theresa

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