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~A PASSING OF MIRACLES and The Greatness of our DAD~

~~~My Poetry~~~

Insane ~Bully~~Everlasting Cake~~Sea of Pain~~Roses~
~Day Eleven~ ~Day Four~ ~War~ ~Let The Wind Blow~ ~Chances~
~OUT~ ~GREED~ ~Move me~ DON'T QUIT~ ~Content~
~Kindness~ ~Loyalty~ ~Dying~ ~Life as a Box~ ~The Game~
~One More Day~ ~Treasure~ ~Vanity~ ~An Angel~ ~THE GIFT~
~Freedom~ ~A lonely Field~ ~Love Hurts~ ~Americas Resolve~
~JUSTICE FOR ALL~ ~The Rainbow~ ~FOCUS~ Awakening
~The Giant~
~End To Peace~ ~Mental Death~ ~Exit~ ~FEAR~
~My Life~ ~Double Minded~ ~My Dream~
~TRUE BLUE~ ~See The Soul~ ~RISING~ ~Naive Me~
~FREE TO BE ME~ ~DREAM ON~ ~GROWING~ ~Just Breath~ ~Influenced~
~Elian~ ~For Me~ ~Forever A Friend~ ~Lucky Me~
~Mind Ride~ ~My Angel~ ~Regrets~ ~Whistler~ ~Restricted Love~
~Mortal to Imortal~ ~Lessons Learned~ ~For Dylan~ ~MOVED~

~In His Honor~

~Peace Seeker~
~Day One~

~My Pics~