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Priest - Spirit of the Spyder
Chapel - Spirit of the Black Widow
Crypt - Spirit of the Wolf
Squall - Spirit of the White Tiger
Fang - the White Tiger
Doal - Master of Displacement
Omega X - Spirit of Darkness
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Psychosis - Master of Psionics
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Guyver I - Sho Fukamachi
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Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengance
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Welcome to the Shogun Industries Online Information Web Site. This site is my information site for the Classic Marvel Suprheroes RPG.

I will be updating this site as often as I can (about once per month these days). So keep checking in. Also I am looking to expand this and my other pages... so if you have a character you think belongs here or that you are trying to find a home for... PLEASE send it on. I will post it on this page after a careful examination.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to alter any item that crosses my path, keeping the original intent in mind.
Spyder Incorporated Information:
      Spyder Inc. is the foremost company in theoretical weapons research whose primary duty is as S.I. (Shogun Industries) agents, and as a company they have numerous contracts to provide military hardware to the S.I. as well as private and corporate agencies.

Spyder Incorporated Hierarchy:
C.E.O. - Priest
Mistress Nicole - the Living Vampire
Berserker - the Stormtrooper
Lady Shiver - the Ice Queen
Jasmine -
Bio-Blast the Conqueror
Bio-Hazard the Destructor
Armax the Destroyer
Biocide the Annihilator
Lady Katalia Whytehand - Lady of Myst
***Shogun Industries***
Sauren Teku - the Endbringer
The Widowmaker - Hell's Archangel
Eddie T. Hero (Iron Maiden)
Ozzy Osbourne - Prince of $@#%ing Darkness
Kenshiro - Fist of the North Star
Rob Zombie - the Superbeast
Black Dragon - the Dark Assassin
Daemon - Firend of the Ninth Pit
Master Angus McBile - Power of Illusion
Lork Tharkin the Noble
Halfdan the Unger
***Shogun Assassins***
The Highwayman - Master of Time
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Talon - Spirit of the Dark Hawk
Sleepwalker - the Dream Assassin
Snake Eyes
Deva - the Devastator
Kama - a.k.a. Master Shredder
Magdalena - the Divine One
Quake -
Kia - the Visitor
Tarantula - the Super Saiya-jin
Lord Breetai Kurrgan
Thoth-'anon the Supercleric
Lord Karos Wyvernholdt
Galath-amok - the Deathbringer
Kolath of the House of Koran
Darth Maul - Sith Lord
Darth Vader - Sith Lord
Neo - the One (Matrix Revolutions)
Lord Shogun - Master of the Assassins
Gallery Page - the Images I have collected
Guyver III - Agito Makashima
Guyver II - Rei Lisker
Murakami - Prototype Zoalord
Enzyme I - Makashima
Lost Units
Hyper Zoanoids
Enzyme II