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1st place: Evan Drexxler (10-6-4) placed 3rd in UWA Survivor I. He wanted to show that he was could come back and be the top dog for UWA Survivor II. Drexxler had a good reason to fight. Drexxler competed to save the school from the maniacal hands of President Pondababa. President Pondababa threatened the lives of many future doctors, dentists and policemen but Drexxler overcame the tallest obstacle he's ever had to fight for. In Tokyo, Japan, Evan Drexxler won three straight matches to attain the UWA Survivor II title. The iron man lumberjack match was where Evan Drexxler took the victory against the master of mindgames Chris Copeland. Evan Drexxler will remain in the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance record books, forever.

 2nd place: Sneaky Ol' Chris Copeland: (11-5-5) was truly a manipulative master as he had decreed in the first UWA Survivor. Copeland burried many opponents by throwing them off of their game before their matches. Copeland also took the pride of being the last wrestler to suffer a loss on the UWA roster. Chris Copeland and Evan Drexxler fueded heavily in the tail end of the UWA Survivor tournament and it was a picture perfect ending as Copeland suffered one of his few losses to Evan Drexxler in the finals of the tournament.

  3rd place: Dynamite Newton (7-8-0) was underestimated the entire UWA Survivor II. This guy started slow and picked up momentum like a runaway freight train. With Fourpac by his side, it seemed like Newton could do no wrong. The fans loved him more than Big Macs! But all good things must come to an end as Dyanamite Newton fell short in the Ladder Match to determine the two finalists. The fans will remember Dynamite Newton as the most entertaining wrestler in the UWA Survivor II

 4th place: Hardcore Hogan (6-11-0) did the classic Hogan return! He does it all the time. Hardcore Hogan cannot leave the wrestling bizness alone. He stomped his way all the way to fourth place but his destiny truely ended in the 4-man tournament in Tokyo, Japan. Along with his friend Bryan Deverot, these two old-timers have shown that they're still old enough to compete. Hardcore Hogan was known for his weird in-ring skills including bringing a dead cat in a garbage bag, blowing bubbles in the ring and bringing a walnut to give him energy in the ring. You know he'll be back. HE'LL ALWAYS BE BACK!

"My odds are as good as gold. You always know who to bet on with me here... Despite Chris Copeland's incredibly high odd's the entire tournament, he made it to the final two. The odds-on favourite was none other than Evan Drexxler. Congratulations"
-Simmy Upchul

"Evan Drexxler is the perfect balance of integrity and intensity. Both, Chris Copeland and Evan Drexxler went beyond their limits but there could only be one victor. Evan Drexxler, you fought for a good cause and you are truly one of the most skilled wrestlers I've ever seen in the ring."
-Rudolph Wittacher

"We'd like to welcome all comers to UWA Survivor III-Trilogy coming this winter. We return back to our old format where you actually must lose to be eliminated. Go Ultimate or Go Home"
-Jimmy Valentine

 20.03.03 (6:07pm)
-Main Page reupdated. Evan Drexxler wins the UWA Survivor II belt!!! Chris Copeland comes off another dissapointment receiving dirty second. UWA Survivor III- Trilogy announced.

 18.01.03 (9:22am)
-Quotes, Coleman's section and Simmy Upchul's odds updated

 18.02.03 (9:05am)
-Bryan Deverot booted from the UWA!!! Pay-per view is coming up! Who's taking the second Survivor belt???!!!

 10.02.03 (8:50am)
-China Matches are up. Coleman's corner, Upchul's odds & Win-loss is updated.

 04.02.03 (10:47pm)
-Johnny Damage is kicked out of the UWA!!! Africa matches are up. Lowdown, win-loss & roster updated

 03.02.03 (8:39pm)
-Australia Card shining

 24.01.03 (5:20pm)
-Some drastic changes have been made. Chainsaw Masaca receives the slashing X out of the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance!!!

 Ch 1: [11/12/02] The Jump Off
 Ch 2: [15/12/02]Unethical Madness Pt. 1
 Ch 3: [19/12/02]Unethical Madness Pt. 2
 Ch 4: [23/12/02]Arctic Anarchy
 Ch 5: [28/12/02]Redwood Retina Reflector
 Ch 6: [03/01/03]Malice in the Palace
 Ch 7: [09/01/03]Bloody Shores
 Ch 8: [13/01/03]Farm Frenzy
 Ch 9: [17/01/03]Electri-city
 Ch 10: [21/01/03]Inertia in Indiana
 Ch 11: [25/01/03]Stonehenge
 Ch 12: [03/02/03]Outback Attack
 Ch 13: [08/02/03]D-hydrate
 Ch 14: [16/02/03]The Fall from the Wall
 Ch 15: [22/02/03]Shuriken

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"Chris, listen to me. Are you listening? You are fighting so your wife and childís death do not go unpunished. His own guilt is not enough. You are fighting for everything that you loved. Everything Drexxler has, and everything he is, itís not enough. Because he is not that strong. And you are not that weak. Whatís in your head, itís not enough to hold you back. He can not beat you. You told your wife the truth, you will get redemption. Anything less is not enough. you understand me?"
-Chris Copeland's father

"Itís so amazing what the human mind is capable of. How a mind can manipulate so many things, even phantoms of thoughts into utter reality. Itís really perplexing, nearly a paradox, how the mind works against itself in an effort to preserve itself. How one man can take something of pure fiction and, by telling himself that untruth so much he can come to believe it as the truth."
-Evan Drexxler