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 15/12/02:"Unethical Madness" in Vancouver, British Columbia [round 1 of the brackets]
 19/12/02: "Unethical Madness" (Con'd) in Vancouver, British Columbia [finish the brackets off, IME- Fisherman's Warf]
 23/12/02: "Arctic Anarchy" in Juneau, Alaska [IME- King of the Hill]
 28/12/02: "The Redwood Retina Reflector" in San Francisco, California [IME- Battle in the Redwoods]
 03/01/03: "Malice in the Palace" in Las Vegas, Nevada [IME- Casino Combat]
 07/01/03: "Bloody Shores" in Honolulu, Hawaii [IME- Scuba Match]
 11/01/03: "Farm Frenzy" in Dallas, Texas [IME- Farm Frolic]
 15/01/03: "The Electri-city" in Miami, Florida [IME- The Electric Chair]
 19/01/03: "Inertia in Indiana" in Indiannapolis, Indiana [IME- The Pondababa Sequence]
 23/01/03: "Stonehenge" in London, England [IME- The End in Stonehenge]
 03/02/03: "The Outback Attack" in Australia [IME- Body Slam Bed Match]
 08/02/03: "D-hydrate" in Johannesberg, Africa [IME- The Savannah Clash]
 13/02/03: "The Fall from the Wall" in Xian, China [IME- Brawl on the Great China Wall]
 18/02/03: "PAY PER VIEW - SHURIKEN" in Tokyo, Japan [IME #1- 4-man unethical tournament, IME #2- Triple Threat Ladder Match, IME #3- Lumberjack Iron Man Match]

 Ch 1: [11/12/02] The Jump Off
 Ch 2: [15/12/02]Unethical Madness Pt. 1
 Ch 3: [19/12/02]Unethical Madness Pt. 2
 Ch 4: [23/12/02]Arctic Anarchy
 Ch 5: [28/12/02]Redwood Retina Reflector
 Ch 6: [03/01/03]Malice in the Palace
 Ch 7: [07/01/03]Bloody Shores
 Ch 8: [11/01/03]Farm Frenzy
 Ch 9: [15/01/03]Electri-city
 Ch 10: [19/01/03]Inertia in Indiana
 Ch 11: [23/01/03]Stonehenge
 Ch 12: [03/02/03]Outback Attack
 Ch 13: [08/02/03]D-hydrate
 Ch 14: [13/02/03]The Fall from the Wall
 Ch 15: [18/02/03]Shuriken
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