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  • Border will work on all screen sizes up to 1024x768. If you need another size, please email me.
  • Text links will open in a new window (just one, I promise!). Each background link you click will replace the one before it.
  • All borders are free for distribution provided you credit me. It would honor me dearly if you would link to my site, too.
  • All images are 24-bit color (true color). If you're display is set any less, you'll see some banding and color-blocking.
  • Any photos I tinkered with are © their respective authors/companies listed here.

Download Instructions

  • Preview the file by clicking the appropriate link.
  • Right-click, "Save Background As"

Crowe in Brown
Forest Brown
Small (32k)
Large (64k)
Crowe in a Cool Gray
Forest Gray
Small (22k)
Large (54k)
Crowe in Grape
Forest Grape
Small (28k)
Large (53k)
Crowe in Smokey Blue
Smokey Blue
Small (17k)
Large (25k)
Crowe in Smokey Copper
Smokey Copper
Small (15k)
Large (22k)
Crowe in Smokey Burgundy
Smokey Red
Small (15k)
Large (21k)
Half Naked Crowe in a Brown Texture
Small (35k)
Large (42k)
Half Naked Crowe in White
Topless White
Small (6k)
Large (8k)
Half Naked Crowe in Brown
Topless Brown
Small (22k)
Large (27k)
Gladiator in Black
Gladiator Black
Small (16k)
Large (24k)
Gladiator with a Light Texture
Gladiator Texture
Small (47k)
Large (57k)

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