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In general, what you see on the astrology pages are my initial readings. They do not change once they are up. More often than not, I have little information about the subject or the year in question prior to forecasting it. If it's not present in the chart, it doesn't go in my interpretation.

Please remember that these are not solely my own opinions. I adapted and interpreted them from about half a dozen astrology books (listed here). These authors have their teachers as well. Astrologers have been honing their skills for thousands of years, refining it into this quasi-analytical science.

However, it IS man's interpretation, and man is fallible. There is just as much evidence supporting it as there is destroying it. Therefore, I hold no reading as true fact. Mostly the meanings work like this: Throw all dresses sized 6-16 in a pile; most women will find a dress in that pile -- some won't. Take it or leave it. Don't live your life by it. It's just entertainment.

Future predictions are, however, all my fault.

Also, what you read here is the good, the bad, and the ugliness in his chart. Nothing's held back. I did this not to libel, inflame, or slander, but to remain neutral. What can I say, I'm a Libra? It my theme. People have flaws; it's what makes the ordinary extraordinary. Flaws make them sensitive, vulnerable, and beautiful.

About Special Events & Forecasts

The events with ages attached to them are a special case. They come from planets changing direction in the sky shortly after birth. My experience has been that a major event DEFINITELY happens within one year + or - four months from the birth date. What this event relates to is harder to pin down. My Mercury and Jupiter went direct (forwards) at age 17. That year I got my driver's license, my GED, started college, and got a job. Mercury governs mental attitudes, and Jupiter brings luck.

For instances where the birth time is not known, I use midpoints to calculate the aspects. This works rather well for every planet except the Moon, which moves 13-15 degrees per day. I then write down birth times to show when the aspect works (ex. "Not valid if born before 11:00 am"). Sorry, but only the subject and his mom know if it's true.

Without a birth time I can only tell you half of what I could with it. What's left concerns the Ascendant (or rising sign, a core personality trait), the Midheaven (career point), and emphasis on the houses governing all areas of his life. It also SEVERELY limits my ability to forecast into the future (which is heavy Ascendant/Midheaven/house interpreting). But I did what I could; it's better than nothing, I guess. It doesn't make my forecasting any less valid, just full of really big holes.

How Astrology Works & How I Work Astrology

Astrology works on the principal that the heaven's orientation at the place and time of a subject's birth (and throughout his life) influences and/or predicts who he is and how he will live throughout his life. It's the "macrocosm in the microcosm" philosophy, or, to quote William Blake:

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
-- William Blake (1805)

This is a true hypothesis. If you break all living things down to their molecules, they look like mini galaxies, and each atom looks like a mini solar system. There are more examples that fit this, too.

To get the chart, I take the birth date, birth place, and planetary positions and plot them on a wheel broken into 12 sections (houses, like 12 signs of the Zodiac). Mostly this is done on a cheap computer program, Softkey Astrologer for Windows (1994). I prefer to check my books for the interpretations. Then I look at the angles the planets and certain sections make with each other (called aspects). I check for 6 different angles: conjunction, sextile, square, trine, inconjunct (quincunx), and opposition. I use orbs varying from 5-7 degrees. I check for formations, chart patters, final and sub-signatures, etc., etc., ETC, by hand.

A daunting, multi-page process that'll give you a whopping migraine.

To see which books I use, click here.

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