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Coming to Video April 20, 2004! Order here!


Master and Commander is coming to video April 20, 2004! Order here.


Cool new background by David González added.


I've devoted an entire page to the graphic art of Vicki Bennett featuring Russell Crowe in surrealist montages.

Good luck Sunday, Russ!


CD coverThe Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for A Beautiful Mind has now been released. Purchase it here. Oh, and Predictions 2002 are done.


*Sigh* My poor neglected site. Never fear, Predictions 2002 are on their way! In the meantime, A Beautiful Mind is coming out in wide release in North America January 4, 2002. Initial reviews are excellent, especially about Russ' performance. He's already up for another Golden Globe.


Busy busy busy! Now you can send our residing therapist (or is it therapy resident?) your Russell-related problems. She can help you, trust me! Oh, and a picture from Michele.


Here's a long numerology profile from Michele.


Ah ... people are finally submitting content to my site (What? You think I wanna do this all myself? Oh hell no!). Today we have a must-see background from Cornmaiden and a funny flash e-card on Sugarqube.

I received my first site award from GenMaximus110. View the award here (scroll to the bottom). Visit his site here.


Added a second opinion to my birth chart from Yvonne. She forecasted a chart based with an estimated birth time (rectification) and sent me a pretty darn good analysis. Check it out.


A palmistry page, a new background, and a new section on the pictures page.


Sorry about that. I had to tweak my layout something fierce. Got to work and found out that the new page screws up if you don't have the font. I fixed it, but if you want the font for yourself, click here, and unzip it to the "Fonts" folder in your Windows or WINNT folder (where ever your operating system is).

There is a cute little cartoon on the parody page that's new.


I got tired of the old layout. Mom says this new one looks like a cigarette ad. God, I love her.

So what else is new here? There's a parody, a "laundry" boy is for sale, and I've added a picture page (well, sort of).

I got the new Gladiator soundtrack. I don't normally do this, but I HIGHLY recommend you buy this album. The counterpoint on track 14 is the best I've ever heard. 12 & 6 are also Oscar-worthy. Press Release | Purchase


CD cover You can buy a new CD with more music from Gladiator here. Here's the press release.

Added a picture of Russell Crowe's grandfather, Stan Wemyss here (near the bottom).

Added two new sections to my links page -- Print Media & Hodge Podge.


I'm adding an event analysis to the bottom of current and future predictions pages. It's a running diary showing how real life events relate to his chart, and vice versa. Purely subjective, of course. Also added two parodies and a tribute.

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